NYSC Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

On this page, we will provide answers to the NYSC frequently asked questions by Prospective Corps Members (PCM).

In order to make this post easy to navigate and understand, we shall divide this page into two sections;

  • Section one: is for frequently asked questions and answers concerning the NYSC online registration, while
  • Section two: is frequently asked questions and answers concerning NYSC Orientation Camp.



NYSC Frequently Asked Questions on REGISTRATION

1. How would I know when the NYSC Registration Portal is open?

NYSC online registration is not being done in secret. Once NYSC open the registration portal, the news will be everywhere.

For example, the news headline will be on nyscinfo, otondo, NYSC info page, etc.

2. Are there accredited centers for the NYSC online registration?

There used to be in the past, but there is no such thing anymore. You can register anywhere.

3. Which e-Mail address should I use during registration?

You can use any e-mail address, but gmail is better and recommended by NYSC.

4. Can I use the gmail I have before or should I create another one?

You can use the one you have before, but make sure you know the login password.

5. Can I do the registration with my smart phone?

Yes, but you have to connect the thumb-print scanner to your phone for bio-metric capturing. Or if you get to where thumbprint is required, save your work and then go to cyber cafe, and continue from where you stopped.

6. Can I use another person’s phone number to register?

No, make sure you use your active Nigerian phone number. It has to be your phone number.

7. Can someone do the thumb-printing for me?

No, you must do it yourself. If it is rejecting your fingers, keep trying until it accept it.

8. How is the choosing of state of choice look like?

You will be given an opportunity to select four(4) states of your choice during online registration and you will be posted to one out of the four.

9. Will I submit my BVN during online registration?

No, BVN is not required during online registration but you will need it in camp for opening of NYSC allowance account.

10. Must the name I used on my school documents match with the one on BVN?

Yes, if it does not match, go to your Bank and update your BVN. If your name on school documents varies from the one on your BVN, you may have big problem to open allowance account in orientation camp.

11. Does registering on the first or second day the Portal opened determined where I will be posted?

No, but it is important to register on time so that you would not be among left overs that will be pushed to another batch or stream.

12. Must I pay N2,786.24 to NYSC during registration?

No, it is optional! Though, my advice is for you to pay. If you pay the money, you will be able to print your Call-up letter on-line, and can reprint it in case you lose it. But if you do not pay, you will go to your Institution for collection your Call-up letter, in case of lose, there will be no replacement.

13. Do I need a passport photograph for NYSC registration?

Emphatically, Yes! The background color must be white or off-white

14. Can I do online registration if my school has not uploaded their Senate list?

No! You school has to upload Senate list first.

15. If I don’t see my name on the senate list, what should I do?

Once you name is not on the senate list, complain to your Institution, they are responsible for uploading of senate list.

16. My name on JAMB is different from the one my school used in mobilizing me, will it be a problem to me?

Yes, it is a problem! If the one with JAMB is the error one, then go to JAMB for correction but if the one with your Institution is the error, go to your Institution for correction.

17. Is Medical certificate of fitness compulsory?

Yes, it is needed in camp for physical registration, but if you wish to redeploy on medical ground, then you also need to obtain Medical report.

18. Should Medical Certificate of Fitness be handwritten or typed?

It should be typed.

19. Is it possible for Schools to upload Senate list during online registration?

Yes, it is possible!

20. Does NYSC request for O’level in orientation camp?

No, except for foreign trained graduates who are required to produce original of all documents uploaded during online registration.

21. Is it compulsory for my name to be on the JAMB matriculation list before I will be mobilized?

Yes, you name must be there; but for foreign trained graduates, they don’t need such.

22. Is the original ND result required in camp for Polytechnic graduates?

Yes, but if you don’t have the original, please go to camp with the statement.

23. How do I correct spelling mistakes in my name?

Yes, there is provision for you to apply for change of name. Click here to see procedures

24. How do I correct wrong date of birth?

This can be corrected from your dashboard, Click Here to see procedures

26. How do I correct wrong course of study?

This can also be corrected from your dashboard, Click Here to see procedures

27. How do I correct wrong class of study degree?

28. How do I correct wrong qualification?




29. Are we going to be given pillows and foam  in camp?

You will be given mattresses without pillows, however, you can buy a pillow from Mammy market.

30. If I go to camp with a mosquito net, and I was given upper bunk space, where will I get tent poles?

You will meet the ones left by previous Corps members or you can go with some nails but sure they don’t see at the gate but they will seize it from you.

31. I heard that sometime, Corpers will be given Condoms to do it, is true?

To do what?? Condoms may be given to you during HIV sensitization CDS in camp but not for you to do it in camp. If caught in that act, you will be decamped immediately.

32. I hear about camp thieves, how can one do laundry without losing ones clothes

Use temporary marker to write your name on all your properties. doing that would help to deter camp thieves.

33. Are there barbers or saloon for ladies in camp?

Yes, there are barbers. But for girls, I advice you plait your hair before coming because soldiers wont give you time for your hair.

34. Are their dry cleaners in orientation camp?

Yes, you will see many of them, and they can Iron you cloths as well.

35. Is attending churches on Sunday compulsory?


36. What are the best way to safeguarding one’s phones and money?

Your waist bag, make sure you always tie it around your waist even when sleeping.

37. Are guys allowed to visit female hostels?

No! Don’t go near there, the same thing applicable to female, don’t go near boys hostel.

38. What is the best way to safeguarding one’s clothes?

Buy padlock, and always use it to lock your luggage.

39. Can I go to camp a day before the opening date?

Yes, it is allowed especially if you are posted to far place.

40. I’m a good instrumentalist, can I go to camp with my guitar or piano?

Yes, it is allowed

41. Can I go to camp with my spouse?

Lolz, don’t try it

42. I have car, motorcycle  and bicycle. Can I go to camp with any of them?

No, it is not needed.

43. If am assigned to a particular bank during account opening, must I open account with that bank?

No, if you think that bank is not good enough, leave it for other bank.

44. How many days would I stay  in camp?

21 days only

44. Are pregnant and nursing mothers allowed in camp?

Yes, but they won’t be allowed to lodge in camp like other otondo. They will stay off-camp, and be going to camp for their registrations.

45. Are there ATM in NYSC orientation camp?

Most of the camp has no working ATM, please go with enough cash.

46. When does parade start in the morning?

As early as 4:30am, but you are required to wake up around 4:00am, and then use 30 minutes to brush teeth and dress up.

47. Will they allow me to cook in camp?

No! NYSC will take care of your food, but you can buy “mama put” from Mammy market if your are not OK with NYSC food.

48. Can I go to camp with garri to soak?

Yes, it is allowed.

49. Will soldiers beat or shoot us if we err in orientation camp?

No, soldiers are not permitted shoot or beat any one in the orientation, they can only give you military punishment like juggling, squatting etc.

50. Is laptop allowed in NYSC camp?

No, don’t come to the NYSC orientation camp with a laptop. The camp security will seize it.

51. I hear that NYSC is a scam, how true is that?

NYSC is not a scam, don’t mind those trying to paint it black.

The above are the NYSC Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. If you have other questions, go to the comment section below.

Updated: September 8, 2019 — 09:59