NYSC Mobilization Form For 2022 Batch A, B and C

NYSC mobilization form is a formal written request for participating in the National Youth Service Corps program. Nigerians who have graduated from tertiary institutions (Universities or Polytechnics) and ready to enrol for the one-year mandatory national youth service scheme are expected to fill the mobilization form with their institutions.

The Mobilization form is also called “Pre-mobilization form” by some institutions, this form is specifically used to extract vital information from graduating students for the purpose of registering them for NYSC.

Kindly note that there is no general format or way the form should look like. Each institution has their own different design, look or format.

When to fill NYSC mobilization form?

Graduates are to request to fill the ‘form’ from their Students’ Affairs Office after they have completed their ‘final clearance. But if you are not within the school vicinity, you can ask your friends to confirm for you if the mobilization form is out or call your school line.

NYSC mobilization form sample

In order to give you a clear view of what the ‘form’ looks like, CLlCK HERE to see samples from two different Universities.

Important things to note

Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) should note the following for strict compliance:

1) The official NYSC website is any of the following:

2) Your Name must be on NYSC Senate List before you can register for NYSC scheme.

3) You must have a functional e-mail and mobile phone number.

4) You must not be more than 30 years old at the time of graduation. See how NYSC calculate age limit for mobilization.

5) You must have gotten your’Admission’ through the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). Those who do not have JAMB admission or reg number should enrol for JAMB Regularisation.

6) Get close to you, your final year Id card. See how to get final year ID Card for NYSC mobilization

Source: Nyscinfo

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  1. Helen Preye Pibowei

    Good morning. My name is Preye. Please I was mobilized in the year 2018 but I was not available for registration, the phone number I used in the mobilization form I don’t use any more. And again do I need to remobilize? Doh my name came out then. Please what can I do? Cos I want to do my registration as soon as it is time for that

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