Problem Downloading Npower PPA Letter Solved

Do you have problem downloading your Npower PPA deployment letter? If ‘yes’, don’t panic! It’s a technical glitch that can be resolved. All those who cannot download their Npower Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) deployment letter should read this post till the end, for solution.

Successful applicants have been directed to use their mobile device or visit any cyber cafe centre to login to their dashboards on NASIMS portal to verify their deployment status, download their letter of deployment and visit their deployed place of primary assignment for Acceptance or Rejection. However, because of some technical issues, a lot of successful beneficiaries were unable to complete the basic steps, including downloading their deployment letter.

This, however, even affected the scheduled date (August 31) for physical verification, causing the N-Power management to postpone the physical verification date indefinitely.

Solution to problem downloading Npower PPA letter

Having problem downloading the N-Power deployment letter? First, try the download with a laptop and keep on pressing download document till it download. OR follow the steps below:

  • Download brave browser,
  • Login to the portal,
  • Change your overview from the Option Menu to ‘Desktop site’,
  • Continue clicking on the download button till you have a good result, that’s all. It worked for many and we believe it will also work for you.

But, if you cannot keep clicking on the download button, then download auto clicker from playstore and set the app to 2 secs interval. Move the cursor to the Download PPA button, and relax while it does the job for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Beneficiaries who were told to change their program because it was not available in their local government area, who did so, but haven’t been deployed, should wait for 2 working days for the officials to attend to their application.

Hope you find this guide helpful? Kindly share to help other N-power beneficiaries who are currently stranded!

Source: Nyscinfo

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  1. How about the applicants who were ask to proceed with the biometric enrollment but are yet to be deployed?

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