Requirements For NPC Training of Ad hoc Staff | Recruitment

Before going for the National Population Commission training, ensure you go along with the NPC training requirements. In this article, we will show you things needed at the NPC training centres.

Therefore, all those who applied for National Population Commission Ad hoc staff recruitment for the conduct of 2023 population census, and are waiting for training, should take note of the following requirements. You may also like NPC Training Update On SMS/Email Invitation.

NPC Training Requirements

Below are the requirements:

  1. NPC training manual (download here).

  2. Invitation email/SMS (check yours here)

  3. National Identification Number (NIN) (check here).

  4. Functional e-mail address and phone number.

  5. A bank account linked to BVN.

  6. Slip printed after NPC registration.

  7. NPC application code (e.g. NPC-CE-83902249561)

  8. Writing Materials

  9. Valid means of identification

  10. Documents uploaded during registration.

All applicants must have a functioning bank account with any commercial bank in Nigeria, such as First Bank, Access Bank, UBA, GTB, Zenith, etc. Kindly note that Students or NYSC account is not acceptable.

Also note that every applicant is expected to be a computer literate, or at least know how to use a smart phone and tablet.

Important of phone at NPC Training Center

The main important of smartphone at NPC training is to submit daily attendance and quiz. For example; if you found yourself in class one. There is WhatsApp group for that class one only.

DQM: Data Quality management is the group admin of class one only. He is the one in charge of teaching you practical training for the census pad. Also that, through this WhatsApp group, a link form for attendance and Quizs will be sent to you.

How NPC training attendance is taking online

Once you have received the link and click on it, the browser will redirect you to a page, where you would be required to enter the following:

  • Email
  • NPC-CE number
  • Phone number
  • Class number
  • GIJ/000101

NOTE: You will be given this unique (GIJ NUMBER) only in your training centers.

  • Then click ‘Submit’ button for SUBMISSION.

How to take your NPC daily Quizs

When taking this quiz, you will also receive a link form in that your WhatsApp class one group.

You will be receiving the quiz through your state NPC at any time, even at the time of lectures. And the Quiz form is taking a time in it, at least 10 minutes or 15 minutes.

NOTE: If you fail to submit the quiz before the time reaches, the form will be automatically submitted.

NPC likely quiz questions

The questions that will be asked in the quiz are concerning only CENSUS, which the answer will be available in CENSUS MANUAL DATA which they will give you or cIick here to download. After taking the quiz, your scores will appear automatically.

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    If you have not be shortlisted for npc , can you go for the training ground or you wait for approval?

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