10 Federal Jobs You Should Not Miss In 2023

Federal jobs are those positions within the executive, judicial and legislative branches of the government of Nigeria which help the government to operate and provide its services. If you have an interest in working for the government, a federal job is right for you. In this post, we shall look at the 10 federal jobs you should not miss in Nigeria.

A lot of graduates have ended up joining the large population of unemployed Nigerian citizens, and this has contributed to the high increase of criminal activities in the country.

Most at times, the government is blamed for not creating job opportunities for the youths, whereas there are¬†a lot of federals¬†jobs that most people aren’t aware of, or might have ignored.

We took our time to introduce the several federal jobs that those seeking for employment should not miss. These jobs are always open for all citizens of Nigeria.

Whenever the government wants to recruit workers into any sector, they usually announce publicly.

Sometimes they are being published on platforms like, newspaper, radio, television and sometimes you are required to visit the designated portal for inquiry or submission of applications.

List of top 10 Federal Government jobs not to miss applying

Below are the top federal jobs that are worth checking yearly for its recruitment:

1. NNPC job

The petroleum industry in Nigeria is being regulated through the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) as a firm. On yearly basis, they made open of vacancies for undergraduates, graduates and those with experience in the oil field. The NNPC salary structure is one of the highest as long as government job is concern, and those eligible are always free to apply, as long as you have the necessary requirements.

Apart from those doing an internship with NNPC, their main staff receive above four hundred thousand naira every month as their salary.

You can visit the NNPC recruitment portal to know when they are recruiting. Never you ignore their jobs as you never can tell the selection pattern they may apply while picking new workers.

2. CBN job

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is the focal point of the Nigerian Currency. It serves as the head of all the banks in the country and regulates the flow of cash. The head is known as the Governor of CBN. Check out: Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Salary Structure.

Whenever there is a vacancy in the CBN, it is always announced openly and only qualified candidates are given the job, based on their value in the banking sector. Those qualified for the job are applicants that studied courses that are related to banking and its activities. See Central Bank of Nigeria recruitment update.

3. NPA job

The Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) is under the ministry of transport, and the 5 ports in the country are located in Lagos, Calabar, Port Harcourt, Warri, and Onne. The maritime industry is one that favours its staff with good pay and an unimaginable experience. Nigerian Port Authority employs qualified candidates and encourages the career of a larger population in the field.

Their portal can be accessed often to know when the opening is on. Although, just like every other FG job, there will be open advert to inform the public about its vacancies.

4. BOI job

The Bank of Industry (BOI) is a development finance body that is set up to assist firms that are into manufacturing of products. They give soft loans and are always ready to promote any form of organization,¬†as long as the loan isn’t going to a single person but a company that is into¬†processing¬†and well registered.

Their employment is one to be monitored because they pay real well. You can always follow their portal or make findings from other source to know when they are accepting new applicant.

5. NIMASA job

The body that regulates the Nigerian maritime industry is the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA). Its recruitment is always made open, and only accepts applicants that are qualified to work in the maritime industry.

Their salary for new intake ranges from one hundred thousand naira to one hundred and fifty thousand naira. For those having interest to work with NIMASA, it is advisable to always visit their portal for more findings.

6. CAC job

Another federal job to always look out for is that of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). It is a body that regulates, supervises and registers companies in the country.

The body was set up in the year 1990, and since then being a pillar in checkmating organizations in the country, and has the right to fold up any firm that doesn’t meet up with the necessary qualifying criteria. Their employment is free and also made open like every other Federal Government Jobs.

7. FIRS job

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) is a body with the responsibility of tax and other revenue in Nigeria. Once a firm keeps to his tax and revenue payments, such an organization is entitled to a Tax Identification Number (TIN). Vacancies for FIRS are mostly published in newspapers and their portal.

8. EFCC job

Crime is one thing that can disorganize a developed/developing nation is not properly handled. So, one of the body set up to tackle illegality in Nigeria is the Economic & Financial Crime Commission (EFCC). The agency tackles financial crimes (i.e. money laundering and fraud).

The EFCC recruitment is well-organized and made free to prospective applicants.

9. NPF job

One of the law engagement agencies that recruits on yearly basis is the Nigerian Police Force (NPF), as they tend to increase the number of officers nationwide.

They have different phase of recruitment yearly, where they recruit constables and other officers. Its recruitment process is easily made known both in social media and dailies. But their portal is the best place to get a clearer knowledge of the recruitment process. See Requirements For Nigeria Police Recruitment Screening .

10. AMCON job

The Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) is a body that manages the National assets. The body isn’t that old as it was established in the year 2010 and employs only this that are willing to work in a challenging environment.

For the face that the body rewards hard work, it is a place to work as a prominent youth with vision. So always look for when they are recruiting and apply via their portal.

Aside from the above listed jobs, the FG of Nigeria recruits thousands of people into several sectors across the country. So always watch out for openings and grab any opportunity that comes your way. One when to know when recruitment is ongoing for the above listed jobs, always visit nyscinfo.com.

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