Top 10 Reasons Many People Want To Do Their NYSC In Lagos

Top 10 Reasons Many People Want To Do Their NYSC In Lagos

In this article, we shall be looking at the top 10 reasons many people want to do their NYSC in Lagos state.

You might have questions such as; why so many people are interested to do their NYSC in Lagos? Why is Lagos so competitive? What is so special about this Lagos? Why everybody wants Lagos? Well, by the time you are through reading the top 10 reasons many people want to do their NYSC in Lagos‘, you’ll get to know why people rush Lagos, and if care is not taking, you’ll also want to do your NYSC in Lagos; that is if you have not started wishing to be posted in Lagos.

If 100 Prospective Corps Members are chosen at random and ask where they want to be posted, 50% will say Lagos, 20% Abuja and the remaining 30% will go for other states.

It is abvious that many Prospective Corps Members (PCM) desperately want to serve in Lagos state, and I have met so many of them that paid up to N50,000 to work their way to Lagos.

To some PCM; Lagos is like USA, Abuja is like UK, Ogun is like Germany, Enugu is like Dubai while any state in North is like Afghanistan. This is not funny, but unfortunately they don’t know that some states in North are hot cakes. Check out this: 5 Best States in Northern Nigeria for your NYSC

The Top 10 reasons many people want to serve in Lagos will blow your mind.

Top 10 Reasons Many People Want To Do Their NYSC In Lagos

People want to serve in Lagos for the following reasons; career, job, professional courses, connection, fun, club, girls etc

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1. Job opportunities:

If there is anything a Nigerian graduate want, it is a job. In Lagos state there are lots of job opportunities that await you. There are many big companies including foreign companies that pay their workers in dollars. If you serve in Lagos, at least you’ll have the opportunity to submit your CV to one of the big recruiting companies in Lagos Nigeria.

2. Lagos Vibe:

Good vibes also contributed in making Lagos an exceptional state in Nigeria. If you have been to Lagos, you might have discovered the good vibes. Lagos is actually a big city in Nigeria that got everything for everybody. So, no matter where you come from, Lagos has something for you.

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3. Money

If you talk say you no like money, abeg give me that one wey dey your pocket…lolz.

The reasons some people want to serve in Lagos is because of money. If NYSC posts you to any of the govt Ministries, you will be paid up to N15,000 state allowance aside the regular N19,800 which FG is about to increase to N31,800 per month. And if you are posted to a private establishment, the PPA allowances will worth it. So, as a Corps Member, you’ll surely make money in Lagos. Apart from money, Lagos Corps members always feel special.

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4. Connection & Network

If you no come get connection for Lagos, which state you go come get am?

Another reason many people to do NYSC in Lagos is because they are aware of the connection and networking opportunities available for anyone living in Lagos. In Lagos, you can easily get connected to people that will help you in life.

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5. Entertainment

All the best musicians, comedians, footballers etc have home in Lagos. Many of them are not Lagos indigen, but they come from their various states to make Lagos their home. Viewing centers, clubs, studios, hotels etc are everywhere in Lagos. Once someone in Nigeria discovers his talent, the first place to go is Lagos, because if you don’t go to Lagos, you have not started.

6. Opportunity for Professional Studies

In other states in Nigeria, you might find it very difficult to find a professional course to boost your CV, but in Lagos, any professional course you do not find does not exist in Nigeria. And these courses will be available in every nook and cranny within you area. So, there are many options available in taking part in a Professional to boost CV.

7. Girls

Some Prospective Corps believes that there will be lot of opportunities to meet Lagos girls if they do their service in Lagos.

They heard about Lagos girls a lot, and want to use the opportunity of serving the fatherland to strike once and for all.

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Also, the availability of Sugar mummies in Lagos state give some naughty guys sleepless night. They want to become rich during their service year by dating sugar mummies but believe me this is one of the stupid reasons to wanting to serve in Lagos. If women are one of the reasons you want to serve in Lagos, then I pity your life.

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8. CV Booster

Serving in Lagos can you acceptable work experience that will boost your CV. If you served in a Company in Lagos successfully, you can equally serve in company in the world. So, sometimes when applying for job that requires about one year experience, you can just use the name of an organization you worked for during NYSC service, and because it is a company based in Lagos, that would give you an advantage.

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9. Guys

May ladies think serving in Lagos will bring them close to their dream rich guys, maybe Davidoo or very wealthy guy from a rich home. Funny enough, this is another dumb reason to wanting to serve in Lagos. It is not how it works! But if you believe you will make it that way, let it be for you as you want. You better say Amen to that!

10. Lagos Mentality

There is no doubt that all these Nollywood movies have given us some mindset that no matter what, you will make it if you travel from village to Lagos. There is one funny movie about a poor village boy who sold everything he had to go Lagos, and then come back as a rich man after one year. In reality, it is never like that.

Thank for reading, you can add your own reason using the section.

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