5 Best States In Northern Nigeria For NYSC

In this article, I will show you best Northern States in Nigeria to serve as NYSC member.

Remember that during NYSC online registration, prospective corps members (PCMs) will be choose four (4) states of their choice.

From the 4 chosen states of your choice, NYSC will post you to one those 4 states.

Now, from these 4 states, you must choose two states from the North and another two other states from the South.

NB: You cannot choose all the 4 states from one region. It is must be a mix of South and North. And you cannot choose your state of origin or state of institution.

So, when it comes to choosing a Northern state, prospective corps members, especially those from South are usually careful. This is because some states in the North face security serious threats.

As matter of fact, many Corps members have been killed in the North by Boko haram, Fulani herdmen and other bandits. So, no one would like to lose his life serving in North.

But as someone who have served before, I must tell you that some States in the North are peaceful without any life threat.

And I’m sure you want to know the best northern states to choose during online registration.

However, when considering states in the north to choose, your safety should be your priority.

Yes, security consciousness influences a lot in our lives as a people.

Some my point is that there are some states in the northern region that have continued to experience peace and safety despite the scourge of Boko Haram and other arm bandits in the region.

However, no one should be blamed for being so careful when it comes to choosing a state from north region, because the information flying everywhere suggest that no northern state is safe to live, but that assertion is not true though.

If you are a prospective corps member, you’ll surely find this information indispensable because you must choose at least two states from North.

Before I show you 5 best state to choose from the North, let me first show you the advantages of serving in the North. You can check👉 NYSC State Allowance For All States In Nigeria.

Advantages of serving in the Northern Nigeria

1. Cost of Living: Living in the north is by far cheaper than living in the south. In some states in the north, you can buy foodstuffs that will last for a week with N2,000 only.

I know a friend who served in Niger state, he spent only N8,000 from his NYSC per month and save the rest.

2. Business Opportunities: There is a lot of business opportunities in the North. For example, since things are very cheap in the north, you can buy foodstuffs in bulk, and then transport it to south where you can sell at higher prices. So, don’t think that Lagos is the only place for business.

You can check list of documents needed in NYSC camp for registration.

Now, let me show you best 5 states in the North for NYSC

Top 5 Best Northern States To Serve As NYSC member

1. Niger State: Niger state is very good for NYSC. Niger state is well known for being a tourism state, Niger state houses the four major hydroelectric dams in Nigeria including the Kainji Dam.

However, the state is one of the safest states in the north and there is 24/7 electric power supply. Also, food items are very cheap in Niger state.

2. Abuja (FCT): Abuja is the Federal Capital of Nigeria, located in the north central.

There is no security threat in Abuja, that is even where the Aso Rock is located, and for that, there is heavy presence of security personnel.

There are also job opportunities, exposures and basic amenities. But the only disadvantages of serving in Abuja is the high cost of living.

To get an accommodation in Abuja is very expensive unless your place of primary assignment provides accommodation for you.

For instance, a self-contains costs between N200,000 and N600,000 per year.

3. Kano State: Kano is one of the best states in the Northern Nigeria to do your NYSC. The state is located in the North west, and it is the most developed state in North west geo-political zone.

There are lots of business and job opportunities for Corps members serving in Kano state. Also, things are very cheap in Kano state.

4. Kaduna State: Kaduna is also a good state to serve. Kaduna would have been so competing like Lagos, and Abuja but there is little religious crisis in some parts of Kaduna.

There are also high chances of getting a job in the state after your NYSC.

5. Bauchi State: Bauchi is a peaceful state located in the north east geo-political zone.

There is peace in Bauchi State, although it’s located next to Yobe and Gombe which are ravaged by Boko Haram terrorists, but believe me, Bauchi has not experience Boko Haram or Fulani Herdsmen.

Corp members who are posted to Yobe or Gombe even redeployed to Bauchi for safety.

Our ranking is based on the following factors:

  1. Good Security

  2. Business & job opportunities

  3. Availability of jobs

  4. Availability of Basic amenities

  5. Cheap cost of living

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