Top 100 Job Search Mistakes To Avoid In 2021

The reason many people are not getting job is because of some common mistakes during a job search. Here we will list top 100 job search mistakes to avoid.

Top 100 job search mistakes to avoid

These mistakes are common because they are little errors that can be committed easily even without being noticed.

Some job seekers commit these errors and still feel they are putting enough exertion with the appropriate techniques and at the end of the day, they would still be disappointed because of these common mistakes.

If you are a job seeker in this category, check below and find one or more things that have been stopping your employment.

These mistakes are from different important aspects of the job search processes. It could be from your cover letter, from your curriculum vitae (resume), it could happen during an interview, and it could fall In the category of general mistakes.

Some curriculum vitae (resume) mistakes are:
The CV is the first encounter an employee would have with a prospective employer, and the first impression they say “last longer” if you must impress an employer before a getting a job at all, your CV has to be impressive.

Top 100 job search mistakes to avoid

The following are some common mistakes job seekers make while writing their resumes:

1. Choosing the wrong resume format

2. Not tailoring your CV to the job you are applying for

3. Focusing on your duty in your previous role rather than your achievement

4. Using meaningless cliches and phrases

5. Lying. for instance, exaggerating your skills or fabricating fake positions.

6. Including your headshot or passport

7. Using social graphs

8. Not taking applicant tracking systems (ATS) into account

9. Using odd fonts

10. Including salary details

11. Writing in third person

12. Bad bullet use

13. Not using an action verb

14. Including personal details

15. Confusing a CV for a novel

16. Switching between tenses

17. Using an inappropriate email address

18. Writing the wrong contact address

19. Spelling errors

20. Poor sentence construction

21. Dedicating a whole page to list references

22. Leaving out social media links

23. Wrong choice of the generic file name

24. Not proofreading

25. Not asking for feedback.

Cover letter or application letter errors

For some jobs, this is the first link between the employee and the employer. Therefore, a well-structured cover letter is very important. Below are some cover letter mistakes to watch out for.

26. Not including your contact information

27. Lack of professional salutation

28. No introduction to the hiring manager

29. Not including your most important qualifications

39. Not including a strong closing that motivates the employer to take action

40. Not including your signature

41. Not following the layout application letter instructions

42. Using the wrong format

43. Communicating why you are looking for a new job

44. Using the same cover letter for every application

45. Writing without first examining the company and position

46. Communicating unrelated work experience or a lack of experience

46. Failing to highlight your strongest or most relevant skills

47. Focusing on job duties instead of achievements

48. Talking about salary expectations

49. Lagging provision of support for claims

50. Not optimizing your cover letter with keywords

51. Reiterating information from your resume

52. Using the wrong tone or style

53. Failing to include a strong call-to-action in your closing

54. Forgetting to proofread before submitting your cover letter

Interview mistakes

Some people already have the opportunity to pass the first phase of the employment process stated above, they can make the following errors during the interview and ruin their chances of getting the job.

55. Going to the interview unprepared

56. Going late to the interview

57. Looking messy and dressing inappropriately.

58. Playing too cool

59. Being too energetic

60. Using the wrong tones and languages

61. Making the interview only about yourself

62. Not paying attention

63. Not rehearsing beforehand

64. Sharing personal details

65. being too personal with the interviews

66. Badmouthing past employers

67. Talking in cliches or phrases

68. Using your phone during interview

69. Bad sitting manner

79. Bad eating manner if it’s an interview over dinner or lunch

80. Bad body language

81. Talking too much

82. Not being prepared to answer questions about yourself.

83. Neglecting the biggest weakness question

84. Not asking any question

85. Failure to recover from a mistake

86. Neglecting the biggest question which is “any question for the team” ?

87. Failure to inquire about the next step

88. Forgetting to follow up after the interview

General job search mistakes

89. Using slang both in your CV and interview

90. unprofessional hobbies

91. Not being proactive in the job search

92. Addressing the wrong company.

93. Not adding job samples where relevant

94. Forgetting to network

95. Lack of online presence

96. Sharing too many information

97. Not making a good first impression during the interview

98. Lack of confidence

99. Inability to link your skills and experiences with the job

100. Sending unsolicited resumes.

From the above lists, you can find out your mistakes and take the necessary steps to correct them.

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