Top 20 Best Courses To Study In Nigerian Universities

Some courses have low demand while some have very high demand in Nigeria. Many are jobless because they studied courses that have low demand. To avoid this, make a research before choosing a course of study in the university or polytechnic in Nigeria. In this article, we will show you top 20 best courses to study in Nigeria for employment.

Top 20 Best Courses To Study In Nigerian Universities

Nigerian Universities offers a lot of courses but you have to be careful of your choice of course to avoid regret at the end of the day.

If they offer you an admission to study a courses that you did not choose, decline the offer if it has poor percentage of usefulness in Nigeria. It is one thing going to school and another thing studying the best valuable course.

Please note, there is no data for ranking best courses in Nigeria. Therefore, the list of best course highlighted on this page is the view of based on what is obtainable in today’s society. See list of fake universities in Nigeria.

Best courses to study in Nigeria

Below is the list of 20 best courses in Nigeria. (The arrangement is not according to the order of importance or demand. i.e. number one doesn’t mean it is the top of all of them on the list) :

1. Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is one of the best courses in the University that its impact can never be underestimated. People will continue to need the services of this great profession so far there is need for construction and building.

Every built physical projects are designed, constructed and maintained by people in this profession. They builds buildings (house); constructs bridges, pipelines, railways etc. Check out reasons why 3rd class graduates do better than 1st class after school.

2. Law

There is so much competition for this particular course among the courses in art studies/department. So many parents wants their children in art class to study law. The reason is not far fetch from the relevance of law in the country, the prestige, honor and reputation in being a lawyer.

It is of no doubt that layers are respected. What a fearful respect is awarded a lawyer in Nigerian society. Inasmuch there is crime, misconduct, mismanagement or misappropriation and abuse of any kind in the society, the services and attention of lawyers are highly needed. Lawyers plays a significant role in ensuring a peaceful coexistence and deference of human right.

3. Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Chemical and petroleum engineering is one of the most valuable courses in Nigeria. Considering the fact that the most abundant natural revenue resources in Nigeria is crude oil.

Therefore, products production from this resources as well as commercialization and maintenance of this resources is critically essential. So, to ensure this, chemicals and petroleum engineers are highly need.

4. Medicine and Surgery

Medicine and surgery is the best desirable course in science department. Most young ones in science class will say they want to become a doctor, they know what it means to be a doctor. In Nigeria, people in this profession gets job easily. Their service is greatly needed in the health sector.

People says “Health is wealth”. They are in the forefront of health related disciplines. They are highly demand-able and recognized. They are well paid in Nigeria. The discipline takes 7 years before completion and it’s a competitive course that requires one of the highest score in UTME. Also check best universities to study medicine in Nigeria.

5. Geology

Geology is also one of the most courses in Nigeria that has a good degree of marketability. Geologists are needed in oil and gas sector as well as metal industries. As part of the responsibilities of the profession, they examines and carry out studies on water, metals, minerals, oil and gas. They also carry out studies to be employed in order to obtain them.

However, This course is not a famous course in Nigeria. Many people doesn’t know how important and marketable it is. It will be advantageous for anyone who love to study this course.

6. Accountancy

This is one of the most sought in Nigeria. There is no establishment or firm that will not need the service of an accountant. They are always found in all parasitatal, be it government or private.

Having a degree certificate in accounting awards you the benefit to work in organization that requires the service of an accounting officer. As an accounting graduate, you can occupy any financial position in banks, ministry, company, industry and so on, they are highly needed and their service can never be underestimated.

7. Marketing

Marketing is one of the best courses in management science. There is no industry, firm, company or organization that deals with production of goods or that engaged in providing service to people that won’t want to advertise or market their product or service. This is where marketers comes in, they ensure marketability and delivery of products or services to the targeted customers.

They help maximize the acceptability of a company’s product or service in the market, thereby increasing such company’s profitability. They are valuable and thereby needed in many organizations. They are recognized as the only profession with profitable marketing strategies.

8. Estate Management

This particular course is a wonderful course in the department of environmental studies. The course entails evaluation and management of land and building properties. By virtue of the profession, they help people to acquire, evaluate and develop building and land properties.

The course takes four years in the university before graduation. It is also offered in polytechnics where it takes two years in ND + 1 year Industrial Training. After which you apply for HND and takes 2 years as well.

However, the career opportunity for this profession is not encouraging like that of United states. But the good news is that, people who studied this course are not many, thereby reduced its rate of competition in the country.

9. Information Communication Technology

This course made it to this list because of its significant role in information and communication sector. Professionals in this field of study are always sought after round the cosmic. So many of the activities that a man do is performed through computer.

Information and communication will always be part of the world, therefore giving necessity to professionals in the field to be employed. It is also interesting to know that the skills required in this filed is not only acquired in the University but can also be learned from a professional in the field.

10. Agricultural Science

Agriculture is part of the “lives” of a nation. Therefore, without agricultural scientist, there won’t be proper use and management of agricultural resources which may lead to scarcity of food and other agricultural resources. Though, there are a lot of specializations in this field of study but there is no specialization with low demand.

11. Business Administration

Every businesses, organizations or companies needs an administrator to effectively run their business. Graduates in this field of study are great administrators and their service will forever be needed in business organizations or firm. They ensure effective operation of the organization in order to meet organizational goals and they receives good pay.

12. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is one of the best courses in Engineering department. The course also requires good but high performance in UTME before a candidate can got admitted.

There are a lot of career opportunities to people in this field of study. They carry out responsibilities relating to the development, application and maintenance of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. Therefore, since the use of the above parameters can never be diminished, the course will remain significantly relevant. See top 10 cheapest countries for international Studies

13. Theater Arts

Theater arts has found its way to the most valuable courses in Nigeria because of the resent great advancement in the entertainment industries. Many people are lovers of entertainment and want to be entertained. If we take entertainment out of life activities, life would be a boring place. Therefore, if you have passion for entertainment, theater art is a good choice for you.

14. Medical Laboratory Science

Medical laboratory science is one of the most sought after profession in the country. They carry out diagnostics and analysis relating to health challenges. They carry out test on blood, tissue, urine and other fluids in the body. Mostly, they work on hospital laboratory and are well rewarded.

15. Nursing

Nursing is a well lucrative career in the world. The course takes four years in Nigerian university. However, there are school of nursing or school of health where one can study nursing science. They are needed in health sector and as well receive good pay.

16. Mass Communication

Mass communication is one of the beautiful course that one in art class can study, especially if you are fluent in speaking or you like talking. They carryout significant role in the media. If you have passion for broadcasting, public speaking and media, mass communication is a good career for you. Go ahead and search for school where you can study the course.

17. Economics

Economics is also one of the best social science courses. As the name implies, it entails critical study of the economy. Graduates in this field of study have a career opportunity in any organization where they monitor factors determining demand and supply of goods, services and money.

The discipline has various specialization that one can specialise on after the first degree. They are also functional in the financial and management sector of an organization.

18. Architecture

People who studied this course are called Architects and they deals with structural and/ (building) designs and construction. In order words, they designs and makes construction for buildings. Therefore, they work hand in hand with builders and contractors.

19. Biochemistry

Biochemistry is a science course that deals with the study of chemical processes in living organisms. It’s a branch of science that studies the chemical characteristics or chemical compounds in a living organism as well as their metabolism.

Therefore, this branch of science has three divisions namely, protein science, molecular genetics and metabolism.

20. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is also one of the best courses in science. It deals with the study of drugs’ production, compositions, efficacy, effectiveness and administration.

Anyone who desire to study this course must be ready to read and study hard. It requires rigorous efforts. Graduates in this field of study works in drug manufacturing companies, hospitals etc. Pharmacy is a reputable profession.

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  1. Surveying and Geo-informatics nko? Civil engineer, estate valuer, architecturer, Geology among others listed above needs to study the course before they can become a prof

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