Why you see “Sorry there is no more available state slot for deployment”

Sorry there is no more available state slot for deployment

Many Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) want to know why they are seeing “Sorry there is no more available state slot for deployment” when trying to register online.

This has been a big challenge to PCMs who did not register on time when others are registering.

However, no one would blame those Prospective Corps Members because most of them are delayed by their respective institutions.

However, the good news is that there is ‘light at the end of a tunnel’. So, in this post, we will explain why you see “Sorry there is no more available state slot for deployment” on your NYSC dashboard. If you are among those affected, keep reading.

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Why you see “Sorry there is no more available state slot for deployment”

The reason you see that message is because you did not register on time. Those who registered before you have taken all the available state slot.

Does it mean I will not go for NYSC again?

No, that’s not what it means. You will still go for NYSC but possibly with next Stream or Batch if NYSC does not fix the problem on time.

This usually happen every Batch when online registration is about to end. The truth is that, it’s not an error; the NYSC ICT programmed their system to work that way.

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So, what should I do now?

There is nothing to do except to stop your registration where possible. Please, take note of your e-mail and password because you will need it to continue your registration later.

When will NYSC allow us to complete our registration?

They will allow you to complete your registration when they open registration portal for next Stream or Batch. Or you can skip selecting state of choice. Also, if NYSC extend online registration date you will be able to complete your registration.

How will I know when they extend online registration date?

You will get the information at nyscinfo.com, or like our Facebook page at NYSC information for updates.

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Will I begin my NYSC registration afresh?

No, once you login to your NYSC dashboard, you will begin your registration from exactly where you stopped. Please, write down your email and password somewhere because you will need it for subsequent login to your dashboard. If you forget it, ‘you are on your own.

If you have additional questions, go to the comment section below.

Updated: February 26, 2020 — 6:49 pm

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  1. No state available for deployment, what should we do?

  2. I went to my school today, is not from there. Maybe the fault is from Nysc

  3. My real dob is Feb 11 but in jamb I have Feb 22
    How do I correct?
    Because it has already reflected on my Nysc portal

    1. Just go to any cyber cafe near you. Tell them u want to correct your DOB by using WAECC pin.

  4. While trying to submit at the preview stage,it wasn’t going through at first but later replied with The matric number specified has been used for registration.

    1. Try log in, its hase been created

  5. hello, I have registered but the state is bringing no available slot, I later submitted finally. what should I be expecting because I think I cannot pay without picking state

  6. Pls my names are in the Three list but when I try to register it will say you are in stream 2 “However your institution have not submitted the hardcopy ” pls be patient. Why all my course has done theirs. I don’t know what to do again

  7. Good evening sir
    I graduated from the federal university Gashua,Yobe state.my school uploaded our names and submitted the hard copy as well but still our Names don’t appear on Senate List.
    What’s the problem Sir ?

      1. Pls sir how am i to go abt it? Is telling no available state in my dash board nd der is still time b4 d registration will close, is it network issue or wat? Bcos my school upload our names dis Monday

  8. Am a married woman though am yet to register but am I to take some luggage to camp apart from my documents

    1. Yes, you need your luggage

  9. There is an error in my name and i have corrected it on my dashboard but not reflected on my green card

    1. Give it some times, it will reflect

      1. OK my dob is Feb 11 but in jamb I have Feb 22 which is not correct
        How do I correct

        1. Apply for change of dob on ur dash board

  10. Pls my name is on the Senate list but it saying i can not register saying the name on the senate list does not match the one on jamb record…what should I do

  11. I went to register but it was only one state available for me which I don’t like but someone advised me to choose it that they will bring the state later which I did, I want to ask will I be able to choose any other state again or what should I do ?

    1. NYSC will assign you to a state by themselves

  12. When is the stream 2 coming up pls?

  13. I have registered, I have printed my green card with call up number but I was just offered a federal job, hope I won’t have problem if I decide not to go to camp this batch A. Probably I may go for batch B or C.

    1. Yes, you can go with Batch B or C

  14. How can someone correct the year of birth on the already registered nysc submitted?

    1. You can apply through your dashboard

  15. Goodevening sir/ma,there was a mistake on my green card for the graduated dates (I mean from the year I entered sch to when I graduated)…what can I do to it?

  16. Please can I make payment when is showing no more state for deployment

  17. I have a problem with my date of birth on only my jamb and I only wrote neck. How do I go about it?

    1. I meant NECO I’d the only SSCE exam I wrote

    2. Correct it when you get to NYSC camp

  18. My state of origin and date of birth that is supplied by my institution to Nysc site is incorrect pls what is the procedure of correcting such information?

    1. Correct it during online registration or st NYSC camp

  19. Seriously interested in going for my NYSC with batch A stream 1 but now with this problem of no available state slots. What should I do?

    1. Nothing, NYSC will assign you to a state by themselves

  20. Sir,Nysc has automatically fill Abia state has my state of origin instead of akwaibom which is my original state of origin…sir, hope it will not affect me in camp.

    1. You can correct the mistake in Camp

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