Why you see “Sorry there is no more available state slot for deployment”

Sorry there is no more available state slot for deployment

Many Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) want to know why they are seeing “Sorry there is no more available state slot for deployment” when trying to register online.

This has been a big challenge to PCMs who did not register on time when others are registering.

However, no one would blame those Prospective Corps Members because most of them are delayed by their respective institutions.

However, the good news is that there is ‘light at the end of a tunnel’. So, in this post, we will explain why you see “Sorry there is no more available state slot for deployment” on your NYSC dashboard. If you are among those affected, keep reading.

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Why you see “Sorry there is no more available state slot for deployment”

The reason you see that message is because you did not register on time. Those who registered before you have taken all the available state slot.

Does it mean I will not go for NYSC again?

No, that’s not what it means. You will still go for NYSC but possibly with next Stream or Batch if NYSC does not fix the problem on time.

This usually happen every Batch when online registration is about to end. The truth is that, it’s not an error; the NYSC ICT programmed their system to work that way.

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So, what should I do now?

There is nothing to do except to stop your registration where possible. Please, take note of your e-mail and password because you will need it to continue your registration later.

When will NYSC allow us to complete our registration?

They will allow you to complete your registration when they open registration portal for next Stream or Batch. Or you can skip selecting state of choice. Also, if NYSC extend online registration date you will be able to complete your registration.

How will I know when they extend online registration date?

You will get the information at nyscinfo.com, or like our Facebook page at NYSC information for updates.

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Will I begin my NYSC registration afresh?

No, once you login to your NYSC dashboard, you will begin your registration from exactly where you stopped. Please, write down your email and password somewhere because you will need it for subsequent login to your dashboard. If you forget it, ‘you are on your own.

If you have additional questions, go to the comment section below.

Updated: February 26, 2020 — 6:49 pm

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  1. Notify me for new updates

  2. Please reply me,am scared. I submitted mine without putting any state because it was showing me no available state slot,can i still put the states when it is rectified?

    1. NYSC will select states for you

  3. I already paid for call up the beginning of the reg on getting to where I’m to select state I’m getting no state available.
    Is the payment safe?

  4. Do we have stream ii @gmaithis year and how do I know the steam that I belong to ?

      1. pls sir i cant choose state is saying no avaliable slot pls wat going on

  5. Plz sir how possible is it to serve in my state of origin due on health grounds??

  6. Sir when the state slot will be open??

  7. Please i submitted mine without putting any state because it was showing me no available slot … What will happen next?. If nysc rectifies it or shifts it to the next stream/batch, can i still put the states and submit again?

  8. On my case I already paid for call up and when I got to the last part of picking state it’s showing no available state in d four options. What of my money…

  9. Alabi ololade dolapo

    Evening,this is alabi ololade dolapo from Osun state college of technology,sir have done the registration Nd I upload all the required certificate as a married woman but the cafe man that help me to fill it summit my reg without filling the state,sir wat can be done on that.
    And sir if I log on my Nysc profile account it doesn’t show any profile that have registered

  10. Pls my dashboard is showing no available slot for deployment and I registered before some other. Pls wat can I do

  11. I heard that nysc is nt accepting marriage certificate from mosque, is that true pls?

  12. how long does it take to get call-up number after registration?
    I did registration it’s said awaiting call up number

  13. Hello…..please on my dashboard it reads ” no more available slots with spaces where states can be filled in ….please what does it mean

  14. I registered with Batch C Stream 11 on 25th October 2019. If I want to print my Green Card it will writing “Waiting for Call-up number”. My question..
    Is it possible for me to join Stream 11 and forfeit that of stream 1 because the state available that I chose there, to me is a no no thing. If it possible what would I do to join next stream not Batch ooo

    1. You can defer your NYSC and go with next batch if NYSC place you in stream 1. But you cannot join stream 2. You can only join next batch.

  15. D second state in my dashboard shows no available slot….but all d other states shows…what should I do

    1. Select the one that shows and proceed

  16. Sir, please I registered on 24 of this week and a message was sent to me by NYSC that my registration is processing, when checked my dashboard it was sorry there is no more available state slot for deployment, though I choose married and I uploaded my documents, I was not ask to choose any state, pls I don’t know what to do, thanks.

    1. Don’t panic, nysc will post you to where your husband live

  17. I have that challenge since yesterday…..it showing no available slot . I wanted to continue the registration without picking a state but it wasn’t working. Does it mean that I can’t finalize the registration without choosing a state. And should I just leave it that way until nysc open the slot.. thanks

    1. Leave it that way until NYSC open state slot

  18. Please my dashboard is still showing pending and haven’t received my callup no/ letter yet. What should i do because the registration will close by 1st of november. Thanks

    1. NYSC will send it to you before the registration closing date

  19. While I was registering,I was opportune to choose two states,while d third one was fixed for plateau but I couldn’t choose d last state cos it said no available slot,can this affect my going to camp this year??

  20. So for us that haven’t seen our name on the senate list, we can’t go with this batch no more?

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