8 Wonderful Phone Secrets You Should Know

Our mobile phones look small and simple, but in their smallness and simple looks lie sophisticating secrets that only a few know about. These secrets made mobile phone operation very easy for those who know them and have mastered the application of them. Life becomes very simple when you have a mobile phone with you. This is because there are many applications that save your time in different situations. The mobile phone in your hand is embedded with a lot of features that you are yet to discover. It is even possible that you have never heard of these features until this very moment.

In this article, you will get to learn some wonderful and interesting phone settings that will make your favorite gadget work more efficiently and productively. Without wasting time, below are the eight awesome phone secretes you don’t know:

1. Network Improvement

This secret trick will assist iPhone users improve their network connectivity, especially if the coverage in their area is not good enough. To improve the strength of the network on your iPhone, dial *3370#. Upon dialing this code, the voice quality will improve. You can turn it off by dialing #3370#.

2. Bubble level in your phone

All mobile phones (Smartphones) have verities of sensors that determine your position and orientation. If you have an app, you can use your phone as an exact bubble level to measure any surface.

3. Mouse remote

With Air Mouse Pro for IOS and Android Remote Mouse, you can transform your phone to a wireless remote. These apps automatically make your phone a sophisticating control device for your Laptop and PC.

4. Sleep timer for music

For music and audio book lovers, this feature will excite you. The Clock App on your phone lets you select Stop Playing from the list of ringtones. When it gets to the time you set, the music will stop playing.

5. Save a webpage

On your phone browser, you can save a webpage for later reading by pressing the Download button on the app.

6. Stop pop-up apps

Nothing can be more irritating that pop-up apps on the phone. Simply activate the Flight Mode feature on your phone and have peace.

7. Instant text deleting

You can instantly delete text from your phone. Just shake the phone and tap “Undo”.

8. Fast charging

Say, you are prepared to go out but you are waiting to charge your battery that is already low. To make it charge faster, just activate the Flight Mode and watch it charge speedily.

Source: Nyscinfo

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