7 Npower Stages to Pass before you can be recruited

The Npower program has seven different stages that every applicant must pass before they can become beneficiary or be recruited into the program. Here we will highlight all the Npower stages: Npower stage 1, Npower stage 2, Npower stage 3, and so on.

Npower StagesThe 2020 N-power Batch C online registration has ended already, and the Npower stage 2, which is the assessment test, is getting close. You can Download Npower Test Past Questions and Answers for free.

Npower Stages

For clarity, below are the different stages of the Npower program;

Npower Stage 1: Online Registration.

During this stage, prospective beneficiaries fill the online application form on the Npower portal. Check out how to successfully register for N-power program.

Npower Stage 2: Npower Online Assessment Test

At this stage, the successful shortlisted candidates are called to write the Npower Aptitude Computer-Based Test (CBT). Only those who pass the test shall proceed to the third stage. See how to pass the Npower Aptitude Test.

Npower Stage 3: Device Selection

Candidates that pass the Npower test will be called online to select device that would help them carry out their assignment. The device includes, Tablet, iPad, Laptop, etc.

Npower Stage 4: Pre Selection Stage

Successful candidates will be pre-selected for the Npower program pending final verification.

Npower Stage 5: Physical Verification

The pre-selected candidates would be called for physical verification of their credentials. Candidates who scale through this stage would proceed to the final stage. Check out the requirements for Npower physical verification.

Npower Stage 6: Npower Selection

This is the stage where people would say ‘congratulations’ to you. You are now a beneficiary of the Npower scheme.

Npower Stage 7: Posting/Deployment

Your posting or deployment letter would be given to you.

Now that you know the stages of Npower program, prepare yourself for the program.

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