7 Most Profitable Agric Businesses In Nigeria

profitable Agric businesses in Nigeria

Do you want to venture into farming? If ‘yes’, we will show you the seven profitable agric businesses in Nigeria to try out for. Before crude oil became the well of money, agriculture was the biggest source of income generation for the entire country. Unfortunately, the government diverted its attention away from agriculture, focusing only … Read more

Bitcoin Investment In Nigeria – 5 things you must know

Bitcoin Investment In Nigeria

In recent times, Bitcoin investment has attracted many people to itself, market investors and analyst inclusive. Bitcoin is a decentralized (spread out) digital currency that you can transfer to another person on the same network with requiring intermediaries. It lets people exchange money without the involvement of banks or third parties. Also check 5 best websites … Read more

Sales Funnel For Small Businesses Explained

Sales funnel

Sales funnel is a selling strategy designed to understand each step a person has to take in order to become a customer. In this article, you will learn about sales funnel, the different stages of sales funnel and how to build one for your business. This is explained below, with a simple yet robust analogy. For instance; … Read more

How To Become FirstMonie Agent (By Firstbank)

How To Become FirstMonie Agent

The First Bank of Nigeria (FBN) has created over 280,000 jobs across Nigeria through its Firstmonie (mobile money agent) program. This initiative has helped to reduce unemployment rate in the country. Firstmonie is a service provided by FBN in which an agent who is in partnership with the Bank provides mobile services to the bank’s customers who dislike going … Read more