First Bank of Nigeria Salary Structure

How To Apply For Personal Loan From FirstBank

For many young Nigerian graduates, getting a good job is a huge dream, and one financial organization many want to work for is the First Bank of Nigeria (FBN). First Bank’s entry level is very attractive when placed side by side with the entry level salary of other banks in Nigeria. In this post, we … Read more

How Much Does A Nigerian Governor Earn Monthly

How Much Does A Nigerian Governor Earn Monthly

“How much does a Nigerian governor earn monthly?” is a question that many Nigerians ask and beg for answers. It is public knowledge that Nigerian politicians live an extravagant life, especially the State Governors. Whereas it might surprise you that Nigerian governors basic monthly salary is around N2.2 million per month, in addition to other … Read more

Monthly Salary of Electricians In Dubai

Salary of Electricians In Dubai

Undoubtedly, Dubai is considered to be one of the important business hubs across the world. Almost 88.52 per cent of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) population are immigrants who came to Dubai to explore innovative job opportunities. Here, many non-native and natives choose to be electrical engineers. Let’s get to know why. In Dubai, electricians … Read more

Top 10 Highest Paying Banks in Nigeria

Top 10 highest paying banks in Nigeria

Bank jobs are one of the most wanted job in Nigeria. In this post, we shall look at the top 10 highest paying banks in Nigeria. One of the reasons many people seek bank jobs is because of high salaries and nice working environment. There are over 20 banks in Nigeria including microfinance and investment … Read more

Salary of Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Officers

Salary of Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Officers

If you have interest to join the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), you will find useful information concerning their salary structure, ranks, and other useful information concerning the Nigeria Customs Service. In case you never knew, the Nigeria Customs Service is a Government-owned agency charged with the responsibility of revenue collection and accounting, and also carry … Read more

Offshore Salary Structure In Nigeria (see details)

Offshore Salary Structure in Nigeria

You may have heard that offshore oil workers earn a lot of money. Well oil workers actually swim in money, but not everybody understands the nature of their job that warrants the huge salary they receive every month. In this post, we will discuss the offshore salary structure and allowance. Offshore workers belong to a … Read more