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Salary Scale of Environmental Health Officers in Nigeria

Environmental Health Officers’ responsibilities aren’t simple to fulfil, which is the reason why it’s one of the most sought-after job paths throughout the world. I assume they will be well compensated because of this, but what do you think? So, let’s find out later on in this article together. Today, on this platform, we will address the salaries of Environmental Health Officers and Technicians in Nigeria, as well as the monthly and annual compensation structures.

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Let’s examine whether these vital health experts are adequately compensated for their services, so if you’re interested in becoming an Environmental Health Officer, maybe you’re curious about the salaries of these experts in Nigeria? This article is for you. In addition, we will learn about the sole tasks and obligations of an Environmental Health Technician in this post. Let’s get right to the point of today’s deal: ride along with us as we walk you through the compensation structure of Environmental Health Officers and Technicians in Nigeria in 2020.

The environmental health profession is one of the safest and most dependable in the country and the globe at large since it develops tremendously in depth, therefore expanding chances for those desiring to work as Environmental Health technicians.

Here we are, friends, but first, let’s start with the average wage and then go on to many pay breakdowns, as is customary in the nation. Environmental Health Officers in Nigeria earn an average monthly pay of N151, 000—N262, 000 (maximum) based on their education and experience. However, as previously showed, the compensation structure will be defined in terms of years of experience.

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Meanwhile, please be aware that the remuneration of Environmental Health Officers and Technicians in Nigeria varies by state and is based on experience, abilities, and location. Let’s get right to the meat of the matter: the salary structure for Environmental Health Officers. Check Polaris Bank Salary Structure: how much a staff earns

We’ll break down each pay distribution into parts and discuss each one in depth below, but first, we’ll go over some of the many types of salary structures for Environmental Health Officers and Technicians in Nigeria, such as;

Median Salary

In Nigeria, we have a median pay of N207, 000 per month for certified or registered Environmental Health Officers, and what do I mean by median wage? Here’s what I’m talking about: In a nutshell, median income reveals that half of the people who have chosen the Environmental Health technician profession as a career earn less than N207, 000, while the other half earns more than the same price range in the country.

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Percentile Salary

Percentiles are recognized to be similar to median values, however they are divided into two categories: 25% and 75%. According to the income distribution diagram for nurses in Nigeria, 25% of Environmental Health Officers and Technicians in Nigeria make less than N161, 000, while 75% of the total number of these professions earn more than the same amount. According to the same income distribution map, 75% of Nigeria’s Environmental Health Officers and Technicians make less than $244, 000, while 25% earn more than $244, 000.

In Nigeria, the most significant element in determining compensation for Environmental Health Officers is experience. Here’s how it works:

Salary Scale of Environmental Health Officers in Nigeria

  1. N151, 000—0—2 Years
  2. 32% upward—2—5 Years
  3. 36% upward—5—10 Years
  4. 21% upward than 5-10 years proficient workers
  5. 14% more –15—20 Years


Now we know how much these experts in Nigeria are paid. Many people may be tempted to enter the sector because of this, but here’s the deal: a job is about passion, not money. Work with enthusiasm and you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

Source: Nyscinfo

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