5 Ways to Know Fake Travel Agents in Nigeria

Do you realize how widespread visa fraud is in Nigeria? This isn’t all that unexpected. Many people are desperate for visas, and the market is rife with people who take advantage of tourists. To be honest, getting any type of visa in Nigeria is becoming increasingly tough. In fact, you may not be in the best position to apply for a visa right now. So be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise. This article show you the 5 ways to know fake travel agents in Nigeria.

So, if you’re considering hiring a visa agent for your next visa application, keep the following symptoms in mind. They are the quickest techniques to determine whether the person with whom you are putting your money and time is a scammer:

Fake visa brokers have a hard time describing their business practices to you. The explanation for this is that they either don’t have any or that such methods are ineffective for you. Many agents pretend to be visa agents, however, many of them have little knowledge of the visa application procedure. As a result, they have no information to provide. Read also How to Apply for India Visa in Nigeria

  • They Make Unreasonable promises

Avoiding individuals who make unrealistic claims is one of the best ways to keep phony immigration salesmen at away. Many phony visa agents believe that lying is the best way to capture your heart. They tell you you don’t have to meet any embassy standards in order to get a visa. And they won’t even tell you what they can do for you. They merely want money and will tell you that visa is 100%.

  • They do not know when your application will be approved.

Another thing that phony visa agents are known for is this. Especially the ones that are “registered” or “traceable.” Some phony agents are registered, which may surprise you, but these are those that take advantage of the inherently lengthy visa application procedure to deceive naïve customers.

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This is accomplished in a straightforward manner. They inform you that your application has been submitted on your behalf and is now being processed by the embassy. You will not receive any proof of application submission or feedback from the embassy. If they are assisting with the application for a work visa or permanent residence, it is simple to play this ruse. They blame the embassy and claim they don’t know when the embassy will decide on your application. Fake Travel Agents Nigeria.

  • They cannot account for the fees they charge.

A false visa agent, in most cases, does not know how much their services cost. They would call you periodically for further payments, with no clear explanation of what the money was for. See 10 Countries Nigerians Can Visit Without Visa

  • They do not have a physical location to work from.

The internet is a dangerous place. Therefore you should do your homework before selecting a visa agency you found on the internet. And why you should inquire about their physical address and pay them a visit. Some high-level bogus visa agents have physical offices that are only temporary. However, such workplaces would appear odd.

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So, if anything makes you feel uneasy and you don’t want to take part in the transaction, refrain from doing so.


Before working with a visa agent, it’s critical to get a recommendation. Look elsewhere if no one has recommended their work to you. Even if no one in your circle of friends and family can recommend a reputable visa agent, look at the agent’s credentials.

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Updated: August 16, 2021 — 6:48 am

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