How to Write Npower Test for 2020/2021 Recruitment

Once Npower online application ends, next is screening test which is online computer base. In this article, we will give you guides on how to write N-power test for 2020 recruitment.

It is simple to write N-power test. You will receive an SMS or a notification either on your phone or N-power dashboard stating the date you will write the aptitude test. Also, instructions will be given to guide you, however, to get additional clarifications, read the guides below. See Npower test time-table for 2020/2021 batch C.How to Write Npower Test

How to write N-power test for 2020 recruitment exercise

Follow the steps below to write N-power test;

  1. Login to your Npower dashboard or check your mobile phone for notification from Npower asking you to write the Test,

  2. If you receive the notification, go to,

  3. Click on ‘Test Menu’ button,

  4. Login to your account with your phone number and BVN,

  5. Finally, begin to write your Test.

Note: Once you started, your time begins to read immediately. It will last for 30 minutes.

If you are yet to apply for N-power programme or finding it difficult to complete your registration, see how to successfully register for Npower.

Note: The N-power assessment test shall be a computer based test. It will be written online by shortlisted candidates. See Secrets of Passing Npower Aptitude Test.

If details on your BVN do not match with your Npower application, you will not be called to write the test. That is automatic disqualification.

Below is a sample of the SMS sent to candidates for the Npower test:

Tips to be successful in Npower recruitment

Over 3 million Nigerians have applied for Npower recruitment, but only 400,000 people are needed. So, to be among the shortlisted candidate, you need to complete the  eight(8) Npower selection stages. The stages include:

  • Online application
  • BVN verification
  • Aptitude Test
  • Device selection
  • Pre-selection
  • Physical Verification
  • Selection
  • Deployment

See the Npower Past questions and answers.

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