Important Questions About NYSC And Answers

Perspective Corps Members (PCMs) have been asking questions about NYSC. Here we have compiled some important questions about the National Youth Service Corps programme and Answers to guide you.

What are best hairstyle to take to NYSC camp?

Hair styles such as braids, Ghana weaving, cornrows, crochet, pixie cuts, are very good for camping. We advise against rocking your natural hair to camp because you may not have time for yourself and your hair.

Is makeup allowed in NYSC camp?

Yes, but you may not time for that due to camp activities. In camp, there is what they called SAED (Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurial Development) where different skills, including makeup, are being taught. So, makeup is allowed, but you may not have time for that.

Is wearing Mufti allowed in NYSC camp?

Yes, but there are days you’re permitted to wear mufti. You can wear mufti on Sundays and on Camp carnival day. Check out the NYSC Dress Code for all activities (Camp, PPA, CDS, POP).

Is shaving stick allowed in NYSC camp?

Try to shave everything and look good before entering the NYSC camp, which last for 21 days. Your hair may not have grown. But if you must shave, it is allowed. There are even saloon at mammy market, and you can buy shaving sticks from there as well.

Is coloured hair allowed in NYSC camp?

If you coloured your hair either by applying chemical (dye) or attachment, there is no problem for you except if soldiers decide to make your caricature. In camp skills such as makeup transformation are being taught, and you are likely to see corps members that dyed their hair and walking freely.

Can you go late to NYSC camp?

Yes, if you report some days after the day you were told to report, then you are late and may be sanctioned. See best time to travel to NYSC camp.

What happens if you miss camp?

If you miss camp, NYSC will give you another opportunity to participate. This is called ‘Revalidation‘, meaning you need to re-validate your clarion call and participate in the next batch. But if you don’t report to camp for the second time, there shall be penalties.

How long does it take to go to camp after NYSC registration?

There is no fixed duration. After registration, you need to wait patiently until NYSC calls you. Sometimes it can take up to two weeks or even months, as the case maybe.

How many days do they stay in NYSC camp?

Camp last for exactly 21 days (3 weeks). On the 21-day is your last parade and you will leave orientation camp that same day.

Which state has the best NYSC camp?

CIick Here to view the list of states that have the best NYSC camp.

Is perfume allowed in NYSC camp?

Body spray such as perform is not allowed in NYSC camp, this is because some body spray are highly flammable. Also, it can be used as a weapon to raze camp structure or directing the spray into someone’s eyes.

How should I dress for NYSC CDS?

The best dress code for NYSC CDS meeting is six-over-seven (6/7) but instead of the crested vest, you can wear a white T-shirt, Though, a little deviation from it is still allowed. You can put on: NYSC cap, a white T-shirt, NYSC belt, khaki trouser, a white sock and a white shoe or jungle boot.

Can I register for NYSC with my phone?

You can register for NYSC with your mobile phone. Some people do part of the registration with their phone before they proceed to complete the registration process with PC.

How much do NYSC pay Corpers?

Currently, NYSC pays Corpers N33,000 monthly as their federal allowance, aside the federal allowance, Corpers get state allowance and Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) allowance but this depends on the agreement they reached with their head of PPA.

If you have other questions, drop it in the comment section below.

Source: Nyscinfo

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