Best Time To Travel To NYSC Orientation Camp

When is the best time to travel to NYSC orientation camp? Can I go to NYSC camp late? If these are your questions, read to get answer! The orientation course will soon commence. In this article, we shall look at the best time to travel to NYSC Orientation Camp.

Please, make sure you print your call-up letter, and DO NOT laminate it. After printing your call-up letter, read it like three times to understand it very well. Pay special attention to the ADDRESS of your Orientation Camp.

Note: you might be posted to a certain state, and asked to camp in a different state. So, pay attention to the address of your orientation camp.

Whichever address is on your call up letter is where you should go for camping, even if it is Sambisa forest. See how to locate any NYSC orientation camp. Some of you will be posted far away to a state they have only heard of in the nursery rhyme “36 state and capital”.

But if you’re posted to a state you do not like, that is not the end, you can still apply for redeployment. See how to apply for NYSC redeployment. Now, let’s go to the main topic which is the ‘best time to travel to the NYSC orientation camp’.

Will I be allowed to enter camp before the reporting date?

Yes, you will be allowed to enter NYSC Orientation Camp if you go a day before the official camp opening date. NYSC understands that some people will be coming from very far places. So they will make a provision to accommodate prospective Corps members if they arrive a day before the camp opening date.

However, do not expect free camp food if you arrive earlier before the camp opening date. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to starve your tommy? Don’t worry you can buy food from Mammy market (a market inside the NYSC Orientation Camp) or go with agege bread.

Can I be late to NYSC camp?

Yes, you can be late to camp to the extent that soldiers will not allow you to enter again. The grace period of lateness ends after the 3rd day orientation camp officially opened.

Although you might still be allowed to enter camp after 4th or more days. But my friend, you will need give a very strong reason with evidence; if not, soldiers will kick you out. If you can’t make it to NYSC camp on the exact day it opened, you can go 2nd or 3rd day after.

For example; if camp opens on the 10th, you can still go on the 11th or 12th. Any day past these days, you will need a strong reason with evidence to prove your lateness.

What is the best time to enter Camp?

This is largely depends on you. If you are coming from a very far place, you can travel a day before the official opening date. However, the fun start on the exact day of camp opening. So, as a friend, I advise you to enter camp a day before the official camp opening date or on the exact date it opens.

Note: The official camp opening date is the date written on your call up letter to report. See complete list of things you need to report to camp for physical registration.

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  1. Is there anyone going to plateau from Ibadan or know of any bus taking off to Plateau from Ibadan on Tuesday.

  2. We’re going to receive the nysc kit immediately we enter camp. I mean if someone go a day before camp open

        1. Lol…Yes, you can use it as SAED (Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurial Development). Don’t tell soldiers it is for personal use, tell them it is your SAED.

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