After NYSC Call up letter, what is next? See what to do now

In this article, you will see what next to do when you get your NYSC call up letter.

To avoid unnecessary mistakes, there are things you need to do after seeing your call-up letter. We will give you some tips on how to arrange yourself to the Orientation Camp.

After call up letter, what next?

Below is what next to do after seeing your call-up letter;

1. Print your Call-up letter: After viewing your call up letter with your phone, you need to print it out. All you need to print your call up letter is the email you used for registering and your Password. See how to print your call up letter from NYSC portal.

2. Print the Original copy, (twice): When printing your call up letter, endeavour to print the original copy twice and then make photocopies. Your call-up letter should be printed in colored. Make about 2 photo copies to make a total of 4 copies i.e 2 original and 2 photo copies.

3. MAKE photocopies of all documents needed in NYSC camp for physical registration before going to camp because it’s expensive to make photo copies in camps.

4. Put all your documents in a water resistant file and seal properly. DO NOT LAMINATE YOUR GREEN CARD OR CALLUP LETTER.

5. Pack few stuffs: Please, when packing few things, remember not to give yourself unnecessary stress. See list of things you don’t need in NYSC camp.

Here are basic things you need in camp; waist bag, torchlight, mosquito net, two or three casual wears, soap, detergent, paracetamol, anti malaria drugs, bed sheet, power bank, ATM card, cream, beverages, and so on.

6. You don’t need much loads: After orientation camp, you will be given a two-week terminal leave from your PPA. So, you can travel home and pack full load for your primary assignment.

7. Find traveling mates: This is so important. You need to find people you are posted to the same state. You can find it here.

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  1. Sir we were ask to report on 10th of this month, what if i report on 12 of same month, will there be any penalty?

  2. The mat. No on my school ID is not same as the one my new statement of result…. I had to change it cos someone used my mat no already….hope that won’t be a problem….i still have a photo copy of the old statement of result…

  3. Plz Sir, after seeing ur call up later and u don’t want to go with this batch
    What will you do please.

  4. Sir My Name Is Not Arrangement Base On Surname, Middle Name And First Name And I Hav Printed My Green And Cal Up Letter Wil Dat Be A Problem?

  5. I applied for change error in name spelling but it hasn’t reflect on my dashboard uptill now, please will this b a problem to me in camp?


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