Meet Abeg, BBNAIJA Season 6 Headline Sponsor

Big Brother Nigeria is a Nigerian adaptation of the Dutch reality television show Big Brother, which was inspired by George Orwell’s novel 1984. The novel depicts a society in which your every move is watched by an all-seeing ‘Big Brother,’ and you have no choice but to comply.

The theme for Season 6 of Big Brother Naija (BBN) is “Shine ya eye,” which BBN’s tech sponsors Patricia and Abeg are taking seriously.

The BBN show, which was launched by MultiChoice in 2007, has shown for five seasons, with winners winning large sums of money and more viewers watching in each year. That’s a lot of prospective buyers and eyeballs glued to screens across Africa and even in the United Kingdom. Do you understand why sponsors are lining up to be the show’s main attraction?

Companies like KudaBank, Flutterwave, and Patricia threw their support behind the show during the last Big Brother Naija season, and profited. Flutterwave, for example, claimed shortly after the season ended it had raised its Series B funding and handled over 140 million transactions valued over $9 billion. Meet the 4 new BBNAIJA house mates.

What is Abeg?

Abeg is a peer-to-peer (P2P) social payments platform that lets you send and receive money from other Abeg subscribers without having to share your bank account details. To send them money or request monies from them, all you need is their Abeg tag.

Muheez Akanni, Michael Okoh, and Dare Adekoya, three young Nigerians, founded the app, which is currently only available to Nigerians. A Bank Verification Number (BVN) and a local phone number linked to your account are required to fund an Abeg wallet.

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Although Abeg is like Cashapp, its creators hope it will break the same restrictions that currently govern financial businesses and revolutionize the way ordinary people think about digital payment.

Abeg makes it simple to give money to friends and divide bills. After that TGIF party, did you end up with a dangerously large bar tab? By Abeg-ging the bill, you can contribute to it.

You may also use Abeg to buy airtime, pay bills, and discover Abeg users on Twitter and Instagram by linking your social media accounts.

A Giveaway option, Ajo (a collective saving tool), Cliques (for bill splitting), and loans are among the other unique features available on the Abeg app. However, the remaining three are still in the works.

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That is all you need to know about the BBNAIJA headline sponsor. Our next article will focus on how you can sign up for an account with Abeg to send money to loved ones and business partners, save money, and also win giveaways.

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Updated: August 11, 2021 — 12:15 pm

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