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Gentlemen Prospective Beneficiaries of the federal government empowerment programme, we are not unaware that some of you are having one issue or the other regarding the N-power Batch C verification phase. However, the good news is that we’ve created this page to solve all your problems, and also answers your questions if any.

Tell us your challenges or ask your questions in the comment section below.

Note: After asking your question, check back to this very page in the next 30 minutes, by then you must have gotten a reply.

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Updated: June 5, 2021 — 7:57 am

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  1. I went to the verification center being sent to me through my profile but my data is not found.

  2. I have updated my profile to Nasims portal successful but up till now I can’t write test”veranguter@gmail.com not found on our records” what is the problem? And I didn’t change email

  3. I haven’t receive an email from npower ever since I registered, what’s wrong?


    Please help ,the dubmit button for update of gender is not responding and because of this i can’t submit


    Please help me i can’t update My gender option to choose whether male or female because of this i can’t submit

    1. Please help,i have a problem linking ma email in order to undate my account

  6. I can’t register my email address is jethrojob2@gmail.com

  7. Gbaranen Emmanuel Barivure

    Please I no longer have access to my email address which was gbaranenemmanuel@yahoo.com, am now using gbaranen.emmanuel@AOL.com please I need help with the ongoing nexit registration as I am a batch a beneficiary. Thanks

  8. please help me i register with yahoo.com and now it is not working again pls see my old email mariasimon@yahoo.com and see my new email mariasamon25@gmail.com pls help me

  9. Good day sirs, I have done my registration and an email link have been sent to me for verification which I have equally done. So my question now is that after the verification, what is the next step or what else am I supposed to do because it was telling me to login again which I did and it revealed that I should fill the form which I had filled before the verification. Please I need your help thanks.

  10. Please I’m one of the beneficiary, I’m having issue with signing up with my email address which is akpamachrist@yahoo.com. I need your assistance Thanks

  11. Pls,I have not got my varife email

  12. Ogbowu-Okechukwu Rhoda

    please in respect to my BVN, i used my husband’s surname which i changed into for my registerations whereas my BVN details bears my dad’s surname when i was single, i want to know if it’ll affect my chances of being selected. thanks.

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