How to Check Npower Batch C Shortlisted Verification Status

This is to inform all the Npower Batch C applicants that the Nasims Portal Verification link is now working. Kindly note that the Npower verification link is where applicants are to check if they have been shortlisted for physical screening of their credentials.

When applicants check their status on Npower verification portal, they will be greeted with the following responses;

When applicants have not been shortlisted for physical verification:

“Hello (Applicant’s Name), You have not yet been shortlisted for the verification stage, please check back later”.


When Applicants have been successfully shortlisted:

“Congrats on passing the screening phase. We just want to verify some of your details and you will be
good to go. If you feel you missed out on any important detail during the application phase, kindly send an email to our support
team via

How to check Npower Bach C physical verification status

Kindly follow the steps below to check your Nasims verification status;

  1. Visit the

  2. Login to your dashboard with your Email Address or Application ID and Password.

  3. Once you are logged in to the portal, click
    the “Verification” link at the top right side to view your status.

Kindly note that you would be required to do Npower Fingerprint Enrollment, after that, you wait for the verification date.

Those whose fingerprints failed should not panic as it will gradually capture successfully applicants. Click Here for guideline on how to capture your Npower Fingerprint.

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  1. am still yet to be shortlisted and am already done with my test?

  2. Please and please sir help us.i filled the form and I scored 60 and up to now I never short listed, please help and asist us.

  3. Please I want to know when my name is shortlisted please


    Please i dnt have access to dashboard lights because i have not been shortlisted yet please what is the next action to take?

    1. I made a mistake by not writing my Sur name but I just did that now. thanks

  5. Please 🙏 I take God beg sir /ma help me please

  6. Perpetual viska daniel

    I wrote the test but I haven’t seen any massage yet and there’s a mistake on name their on the instated of perpetual viska i saw Adamu viska

  7. How can Npower applicants reprint the Application printout if missing or what will happened if shortlisted and you misplaced your application printout?

  8. Afekhai ometere blessing

    Please the name lsaw in my dashboard is different from the name l use in my registration what am l going to do the real name is afekhai ometere blessing
    But the name l saw is Amado ometere blessing what am l going to do

  9. What is N power cut off mark?

  10. Anusi Ogochukwu Precious

    I wrote the test but I have forgotten my code

  11. Am Mary Awuya am from kaduna state and am not yet shortlisted please help us abeg

    1. I scored 55% in my N-pawer test please and please help us

  12. I have not been shortlisted

  13. Kwalha joy zirava

    IAM kwalha joy zirava from maiduguri borno state my name have not been shortlisted .

  14. Davwet walshak Dashop

    I did my fingerprints verification yesterday but when I check back it so still indicating the fingerprints needed , what is the way out?

  15. Pls,the verification icon on my dash board is not showing anything, it has been blank….what is my fate pls

  16. God help Nigeria and Nigeria’s peoples

  17. Aiyemelo Ibukunoluwa Sunday

    Pls help us prolong the end date of the biometric verification.. Please

  18. Okon Oto-obong Etim

    Pls are they close for thumbprinting now? Also pls how can I check whether I’ve been shortlisted?

  19. Jamila Abubakar Aliyu

    Kindly, notify me of any development about the N-Power teach program and possible ways of checking the shortlisted beneficiaries, thank you.

  20. Ann, kindly check the Important on your mail.

  21. May Allah gives us luck

  22. quadiri musilim Abiodun

    there is noting like N power for our town in Lagos ibeju lekki epe div ise

  23. Please do still have hope

  24. Plsb after finger print what is d next step.

  25. I can’t login into my account

  26. I can’t access the dashboard to check if I have been shortlisted, they always say error try again later. What should I do now?

  27. Adebayo Deborah ayobami

    Thanks sir/ ma have been on the shortlisted and have done the fingerprint and is successful

    1. I have forgotten my password and my ID number, please how do I get it so I can access my biometric stage.

  28. Abdul ogah Abdullahi

    All what I have to say is that let God help Nigeria from evil, because we don’t really know where our country is going!! Codes of satisfaction and lack of peace.God we are seaking help.

  29. Oladosu olaoluwa

    I have not been shortlisted but please hope their hope for me am frm Kwara State or they selecting states nii

  30. On my dashboard it is saying I am not yet shortlisted that I should check back later.but you said if one’s page is blank that means the person has bn shortlisted.but what is d difference between what my g page is showing to that blank page?do I still have hope??

    1. Onuora Josephine

      Please do I still have hope

    2. Olatayo Olajumoke Olushola

      Pls help me ooo

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