Npower Registration Closing Date For 2020 Batch C

A lot of people have been asking us ‘when is the Npower registration closing for 2020/2021 Batch C’. If that is also why you are here, then you are on the right page.

In this post, you will get to know the official Npower online registration closing date for 2020/2021 Batch C.

Just before we show you the Npower registration portal closing date, let’s first show you this important information.

The Npower Nigeria is an empowerment programme established by the Federal Government to help reduce the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria. To take part in Npower programme, you need to submit an online application via Npower portal. See this guide on how to successfully register for Npower programme.

You can also check out the N-power test past questions and answers to get yourself prepared.

So, for those of you that have been asking ‘when will Npower 2020 application form end?’ Now, pay attention this vital information!

Npower Online Registration Closing Date For 2020 Batch C

According to N-power Nigeria, the online registration will last for Six (6) Weeks from the day it started. That is to say, it will last for one month and two weeks.

Since Npower registration commenced on 26th June, 2020. Now, counting 6-week from the starting date, the application deadline is on 7th August, 2020.

But since Npower did not give specific registration closing date, it might be extended to 10th August, 2020.


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21 thoughts on “Npower Registration Closing Date For 2020 Batch C”

  1. I just detected that I was shortlisted for NPOWER Batch C 2020 and I have not done Biometrics before, please what can I do, is it possible to do the biometrics this year or I should Reapply when the registration start again???

  2. Pls I want to know if it is advisable to wait till July 16 2020 before I apply for Npower since i will b obtaining my NYSc certificate then or to apply once and click nysc certificate in progress.

    • Am also part those passind out on the 16th. Brother what destined to be yours will definitely be, to avoid any story i advice you to apply. Besides, they gave chance for that, they already knew some people are passing soon. Just note the year of your passing out it must be within 2020. Because NYSC Certificate will be physically verified when you are part of those successful. May Allah help us all.

  3. I’m really appreciate the president of Nigeria Muhammad buhari and others people’s who make intention to eradicate jobless in this bless country.

  4. May(Almighty Allah)bless our legend means the president of the country baba Muhammad buhari and our honorable minister of N.power…!!

  5. How do I assure that my application was accepted.since some print their slip through their emails and my own is hitherto to print why?

  6. I guess the date above is not correct, it should be 7th August and not 7th July if truly it’s 6 weeks


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