NYSC Batch C to Enter Orientation Camp Next Year

It has been officially confirmed that 2020 Batch B is the batch that will enter orientation camp on 10th November. All the registered Batch ‘A’ Stream 2 prospective corps are now automatically the Batch B.

So, 2020 Batch ‘A’ Stream1 is now 2020 Batch A (without Stream). They will NOT return to camp but shall continue their service from their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

However, another question bothering Prospective Corps Members is “when will 2020 Batch C enter orientation camp?”

Restrict Movement of Corps Members

Two Corps members Travelling after orientation camp

When will 2020 Batch C enter Orientation Camp?

The question should rather be, will there be 2020 Batch C?

According to the NYSC official Facebook Page, Batch C will enter orientation camp next year (2021), but did not specify if that is 2020 Batch C or 2021 Batch C.

However, it is practically impossible to have 2020 Batch C. There is likely not be 2020 Batch C. The next batch after 2020 Batch B will be called 2021 Batch A. See how NYSC camp will be from 10 November.

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Let’s do this simple calculation:

There are no fewer than 90,000 registered Batch ‘A’ Stream 2 prospective corps members (Now Batch B).

NYSC is to call about 25,000 out of 90,000 to the orientation camp; 600-700 corps members per camp.

The first group of Batch B which is about 25000 in number will enter camp on 10th November, and will round up on 1st December 2020.

If all things being equal, the second group (another 25,000) will enter Camp around 3rd December, and will finish around 24th December 2020. Making the total number of 50,000 Corps members that have gone to camp.

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The remaining 40,000 out 90,000 Batch B, will observe their orientation camp in January 2021.

So, around February/March 2021, there will be another new Batch which will either be called 2020 Batch C or 2021 Batch A.

So, it is more likely that NYSC will call them 2021 Batch A. See how NYSC calculate age limit for mobilisation.


After this 2020 Batch B, the next batch is next year, which we believe will be called 2021 Batch A. So, we don’t believe there is anything like 2020 Batch C.

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Updated: October 16, 2020 — 7:54 am

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  1. For those of us who are waiting for either batch c or batch A 2021 when is it sure that we may be going to camp

  2. Vickelvin Akachukwu

    up date is coming up shortly

  3. Since we are now in a new year, then batch c becomes automatic batch a in 2021, so when will they be mobilized?

  4. If 2020 Batch C will now be 2021 batch A, then you what about the fresh graduates that is supposed to be batch A, when are they now likely to be mobilized? Thank you.

  5. MKAANEM Dezungwen Vivienne

    As a foreign student how do I go about registration and know when the portal is opened for registration?

  6. When will be Batch A registration be out which month??

  7. Since there will be no batch C anymore in 2021 can we conclude there that the student who are suppose to follow this will Automatically become 2021 batch A student?

  8. i graduated since 2017 can I still go for service? and when is the next registration taking place?

    1. Yes, you can go for service. Next registration will take place next year.

      1. Thank you sir. I was mobilized as at 2017 then, but couldn’t make it. I will so my registration next year. thanks for the information.

      2. Wat about who are yet to be mobilize…. Bcoz people u are talking about are people who are already mobilized

  9. So, until this whole stream 2 finishes we cannot be mibilized?

  10. Are we going to reprint our green card before call up letter since A 2 had been moved to batch B?

  11. Danladi Salihu Umar

    What about those that finished their registration but it shows on their dashboard that “Sorry you are not this stream, you will be notify when to print your Call up letter” So please, are they going to Camp on 10 November 2020?

    1. Keep checking your dashboard. That message will change.

  12. gud day sir, what exact date the 2020 batch B will print their call-up letter?

  13. Aliyu Tijjani Yusuf

    When Nysc will open registration portal again?

  14. Thanks for the information. Pls how are we going to know when we are going to go to camp for we batch B

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