Orientation Camp Travelling & Safety Tips by NYSC DG

NYSC Orientation Camp travelling & safety tips is written by the National youth service Corps (NYSC) Director-General, Shuaibu Ibrahim.

All the Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) are expected to strictly adhere to the DG traveling advice and tips. So, before you begin your journey to where you are posted, read these traveling tips for your safety.

Below we present to you, the NYSC DG Travelling & Safety Tips For PCMs as obtained by Nyscinfo.

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Orientation Camp Travelling & Safety Tips by NYSC DG

NYSC Travelling & Safety Tips For PCMs

The Orientation Programme for the 2020 Batch ‘A’ Stream1 Corps Members will commence Tuesday, 10th March, 2020 Nationwide.

By implication, Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) shall be travelling across the length and breath of the country to the various NYSC Camps for the exercise. See 10 Things to do after receiving your NYSC Call-up letter.

Towards this end, it has become very imperative for the PCMs to note the following travel safety tips and adhere strictly to them:

1. Every successful journey starts with a travel plan. PCMs, are enjoined to make adequate travel preparation before setting out on the journey. Therefore, you must ensure and crosscheck that you’ve packed all the relevant documents that will be requested at the point of registration. This is to guard against the danger of being asked to go back home and fetch the forgotten documents. Doing so will over expose you to our roads fraught with so many risks.

2. Kindly research your destinations thoroughly before leaving.

3. On no account should you board a vehicle by the roadside because of seemingly attractive cheap fare. It is highway to calamity. So many have fallen preys to armed robbers, kidnappers and ritualists due to such indiscreet action. You should board vehicles only from recognised parks.

4. Please, be conscious of your travel time. Journeys must be arranged in such a way that you arrive your destination latest 6pm. Note that if it’s not possible to arrive your destination at the aforesaid time, please, break the journey.

5. Avoid unnecessary argument/discussion bordering on politics and religion, among others. You may unwittingly cause offence. Keep your views to yourself.

6. Be courteous, but don’t trust people too quickly and don’t be loud while answering telephone calls, so as not to unknowingly divulge information that may place you on harm’s way.

7. Watch your drinking habit. Alcohol dulls your senses. Always be sober.

8. Take only what you need for the journey. Don’t over burden yourself with load. See things not needed in NYSC orientation camp.

9. Dress normal. Don’t overdress. Conversely, don’t dress shabbily, since either way, you unduly stand out.

10. Please, keep a very close watch over your personal effects. It is advisable that you carry your vital documents (certificates, International passport etc) on you.

11. Don’t put valuables in your back pocket for that’s always the pickpocket’s first point of call. It’s safer to use your front pocket.

12. Keep your family and trusted friends updated on your itinerary. See cost of Road Transportation from one state to another state in Nigeria.

The Director-General, Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim wishes you travel mercies, as you proceed to the respective camps in obedience to the clarion call to serve the Nation for one calendar year.

Check out this, road descriptions on how to locate any NYSC Orientation Camp.

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