Top 5 Reasons You Are Currently Unemployed After NYSC

Many graduates are unemployed after their one year mandatory National Service because there is something they aren’t getting right. Here we will show you reasons you are unemployed after NYSC. Also check 10 facts about life after NYSC.

Reasons You Are Currently Unemployed

During the passing out parade (POP) of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), passing corps members are usually filled with high level of joy and excitement. One among many things that run through their mind is seeing loved ones. And yes, to get a well-paying job. Also read 7 ways to get a good job after your NYSC.

But after some months, even years, no job; let alone a well paying one. What could have gone wrong? A number of things, probably. Some of them are explained below.

Top 5 Reasons You Are Currently Unemployed After NYSC

1. Poorly written CV

A poorly written CV is one of the major reasons you are unemployed after your NYSC. Your CV is the main culprit. We advise you to seek our CV writing service, so we can help write a professional CV for you. It only cost a token. However, if you must write your CV by yourself, read this article: how to write job landing CV for guide.

2. Lack of useful skills

Many graduates seeking for a job do not have any useful skill. Acquire skills that will boost your CV. If you have skills, you may not even need job again as you can earn more than what any company can pay you.

As for me, I‘m also a graduate but do not work for any anybody or company. With my skills I earn close to N450,000 per month, so think about it. Here are 10 recommended skills you should learn in Nigeria.

3. You have not identified your passion

Identify your passion and turn it into your profession. For example; if you like social media, become a social media influencer or go into digital marketing. Don’t so preoccupied with searching for a white-collar job.

4. Submit your CV to job recruitment agencies

This is what most Nigerian graduates are not doing reason they are still unemployed. Just like we have land agents or properties agent, there are also job agents that can help you secure a job. And there is about 70 percent guarantee of getting a job within a short period of submitting your CV to them. To find recruitment agencies around you, use Google’s search. See Top 10 Important Skills To Include On Your CV.

5. Networking

Networking is vital and should not be taken for granted. Do not isolate yourself in this 21century. Don’t stay at home, go out to meet people, and grow your network. Make friends that will form bonds of friendships that will help you.

Let me tell you, many people got jobs through networking. If you are the shy type, you can grow network on social media platforms. Make friends and engage in meaningful conversations.

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