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How to Edit or Modify Your Data on National ID Card

Do you wish to edit your data on National ID Card? If ‘yes’, you are on the right page. In this post, we will show you how to edit or change your data on National ID Card.

How to Get your National ID Card through NIMC Mobile App

Nigeria National ID Card

The National Identity Card Management Commission (NIMC) allows Nigerians to modify their name, date of birth, address, and other information on their National Identity Card.

NIMC understands that mistake is unavoidable. So, if you made a mistake during the process of National Identity card registration, you can correct the mistake to have more accurate information through NIMC modifications scheme. See how to register for National ID Card Online.

Categories of modifications on National ID Card

There are two types of modifications;
  • Adults Modifications: This is the modification of data for Nigerians that are 16 years old and above.
  • Minors Modifications: This type of modification of data is for people that are below 16 years.

So, by now you must have known the category you fall into.

Note: not all fields in the National ID Card are not modifiable. And modification attract a charge of ₦500, except for modification of age, which attracts ₦15,000. See how to get your National ID card through NIMC mobile app.

Fields you can modify

  • Names (₦500)
  • Addresses (₦500)
  • Date of Birth (₦15,000)
  • Phone Number (₦500)
  • Place of Origin (₦500)
  • Place of Birth (₦500)
  • Father’s and Mother’s information (₦500)

Non-Updatable Fields

  • Gender
  • NIN (National Identity Number)
  • State and LGA of Registration
  • Registration Centre
  • Ward and Polling Unit
  • Tracking Number
  • Date of Death
  • Registration Date
  • ID Card Number
  • Finger Print
  • Signature

Requirements for data correction or modification

To change data on your National ID card, you must meet the following requirements;

  • Original copy of the National Identity Number (NIN) slip issued during registration
  • Print out of the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) Number after payment in bank
  • Application letter for change of data fields that you wish to modify, stating the reason

Supporting documents for modification of data

Change of Name:

Change of Address:

  • Utility Bill
  • Tenancy Agreement (If you a tenant)
  • Bank Statement
  • Community leader Attestation

Change of Phone Number (due to loss or damage):

  • Police Report

Change of Level of Education:

  • Certificate obtained

Change of Occupation:

  • Letter of job offer

How to change or edit your data on National ID Card

Follow the steps below to edit your data on National ID card;

1. Visit any National ID card enrolment centre with the required documents

2. Collect data modification form and fill it.

3. Your data modification forms will be cross checked by NIMC Officials

4. NIMC will input the data on their system and ask you to check if there is an error.

5. Your Biometrics will be captured.

6. Transaction ID Slip will be issued to you as an evidence of the transaction.

7. You go home and return after 2 or 5 working days

8. Finally, collect your modified NIN slip

Note: You must make payment before modification commences.

How to make payment

1. Visit

2. Click on ‘Pay Bills‘ icon

3. WHO DO YOU WANT TO PAY?  Enter “National Identity Management Commis” in the box.

4. NAME OF SERVICE/PURPOSE?  Select “Modification of any other field other than DOB” or “Correction of date of Birth” or other service as the case may be..

5. AMOUNT TO PAY (₦)? It will be automatically set based on your choice of service.

6. SELECT CURRENCY? It will be automatically set

7. PAYER’S NAME?  Enter your full name in the box.

8. PAYER PHONE?  Enter your phone number.

9. PAYER EMAIL? Enter your email address

10. CONFIRM EMAIL? Enter your email address again

11. Verify you are human by ticking, “I am not a robot” reCAPTCHA checkbox. t might ask you to select image, just do it.

12. Click on the ‘Submit’ button to ͞proceed to payment.

13. Print the invoice and take note of your RRR.

14. Choose a payment method; ‘Card’ or ‘Bank Branch’.

15. Proceed to complete your transaction.

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  1. Gerard obinna


    My age was wrongly stated 1984 whereas i was born in 1978. They asked me to g to nimc edo state office with affidavit of age declaration and proof of remita of 15k. On reaching there the man at state office was so angry that I had paid in, and became so rude and threatening ..he asked me to n bring immunization card, drivers licence voters card fslc waec result ..pls this man shud be called to order

  2. Adeogun Victoria Ibukunoluwa


    How do I change my gender on my nimc slip that was mistakenly inscribed make

  3. Anthony Didioma


    How do I change my gender on National ID card that was mistakenly inscribed Female?

  4. Alom Maryjoy Ogonna


    I need to change my state of origin

  5. Fakunle Adeolu


    How do I change my name in national Id card

  6. Adeolami Enitan


    How do I change my picture,I saw a man picture on my nin

  7. Abubakar sadiq Yusuf


    Please i need to correct my name how can i do it

    • Ochefu Samuel


      My date of birth is incorrect i want to change it

  8. Ibrahim


    Can I change my state of origin?

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