How to Score Above 70% in NASIMS Npower Batch C Test

Currently, the urge to take the N-power Batch C Test, and come out with a good score that will qualify one to be a beneficiary of the scheme is the dream of most applicants. So, here we will share with you tips on how to score high in N-Power NASIMS online test. With these tips you can even score above 70%.

How to pass Npower test Kindly note that the test is a major criteria for selection of beneficiaries for Batch ‘C’ scheme, so you can’t afford to score below 70%.

Therefore, for applicants to make it through this stage (test stage), they must be ready to give the best of their abilities during the course of the test, in order to score high.

As a result of this, we decided to offer the best tips that will help applicants score well in the Npower test which is conducted via NASIMS Portal.

How to Score Above 70% in NASIMS Npower Batch C Test

Below are tips to score above very high in the N-power online test:

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  1. The first thing is to recover your password through the password reset option, then update your records to qualify you for the online test (CBT).

  2. Write down your NASIMS ID, this id will be the key that will enable you access the test questions.

  3. Ensure your browser and Network are strong enough, or better still, you can take the test at midnight when the portal will have a lesser group of applicants accessing the webpage.

  4. Study the N-power past questions and answers before taking the test as some questions maybe be repeated. Also it would give you a general idea of what the test is like.

  5. When the above has been put in place, you are expected to go to the test portal and have your CBT taken, this is where the NASIMS id is mostly needed.

  6. To avoid exam nervousness and fear, applicants seating for the online test are to stay positive while writing.

  7. Applicants are to read the questions very well, fast, and attentively to enable them maximize the twenty (20) minutes test time duration.

  8. Endeavor not to waste too much time on a particular question, since there is no room to skip any question, kindly use your imagination to select any of the options to the ones you don’t know and move to the next question.

  9. There will be twenty (20) questions to be answered within a time frame of 20 minutes. However, every applicant have a maximum of three attempt should in case of time out.

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Note: Never attempt taking the Npower NASIMS test, when you are yet to update your records on the portal. Also, ensure you practice (study) questions relating to Numerical, Quantitative, Sentences correction, IQ questions, etc.
You can find some past questions in our our website. All you need do is to explore through the pages or check some links below for quick access.

You are encouraged to share this post on other social media platforms, so as to help someone out there that is sourcing for such information.

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Updated: March 14, 2021 — 8:56 am


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  1. I scored 25% I know I didn’t make up to the Pass mark but I can never loose hope. I have faith that it will work through.

  2. I score 90 percent here in Borno call me for the lecage 07065005609

  3. Anigbo Esther chekwube

    I scored 55% I just pray for God to help me out

  4. I scored 40% plz what’s the cut mark

  5. Me npower creative and I score 25percent any hope?

  6. Busari Abdulfatai Adebayo

    I scored 35% i knew i’m out from npower. I will continue to do the labour am doing for the bricklayer to survive and to take care of my old parents, i pray to God to give me a good job because we are starving,
    I only see just five English the rest are mathematics but my course is arabic and Islamic

  7. Onoja Frederick Suleman

    Pls is 60% a pass mark? Cause I scored 60%.

  8. Abdulrahman Musa Mato

    I just finished my test and I score 66%

  9. I scored 70% in my Npower test. Time runs too fast

  10. Abdulmatallib Dan sale

    Why are you telling me something want to wrong when I have loged my email address

  11. Aderoju Olamilekan

    My sister was unable to write the test. The page displayed “validation for NPWR/2020/04…. Failed”

  12. I just finished, my online test and I score 55% I now prayer for God that my name should be in the successful candidate may God help us all amen

  13. I scored 80% only

    1. Please, can I have the idea of the question they asked

    2. Please can you share the possible questions and answers

  14. I score 35 percent
    In my Npower test
    Can I make it through?

  15. Aderoju Olamilekan

    Call their support line

  16. Aderoju Olamilekan

    Contact support. My account was also blocked while writing the test and I contacted nasims support line to lay my complaints. I was given 3hours for them to work on it and now my account has been opened.

    1. I tried calling them but its not responding. Pls did you call? I also tried sending email but it’s not sending

      1. Aderoju Olamilekan

        Don’t send email because your mail may not be delivered. Make sure you have enough airtime on your phone because it takes time before they pick your call. It could take up to 10 minutes or more than. Just be patient. They will eventually pick.

    2. oryen wueseter john

      please how do you go about it i am having de same issue.

      1. Please is it possible for me to change my password after my test for security reasons.

        1. Someone might have written the test for you.if not how can someone knows your password

  17. My account was blocked while taking my exams. please what should I do?

  18. What could be the possible solution to a situation where one could not update his/her record on the nasims portal?
    To my own case, they are telling me that there are some errors occurs.

    What can I do in a situation like this? Because I want to update my records so as to meet-up with the time duration and dateline.

    1. oryen wueseter john

      I am unable to write my npower test. I was told my account has been blocked when trying to take the test,please help.

    2. I scored 60%, my prayer is let my name be selected Amen.

  19. Pls while attempting the test and you are told that your account is blocked what will you do because my acct is blocked

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