List of Fastest Transcript Processing Universities In Nigeria

In Nigeria, getting your transcript or academic record after graduation has a history of being a huge task. Often times, people have said, jokingly, that getting your transcript from a Nigerian university requires serious fasting and prayers. Stories abound of people who either missed foreign scholarships due to the incompetence of the universities’ leaderships to process transcripts at the needed time, despite much pushing. While this is still going on without doubt, we have some great news coming from some universities who are changing the narrative. In this article, we list out the names of Nigerian universities that process transcripts very fast and on time. Check also how to get your academic transcript in Nigeria.

Fastest Transcript Processing Universities in Nigeria

Below are the fastest transcript processing universities in Nigeria;

1. University of Ilorin

The University Of Ilorin (Unilorin) is one of the Nigerian universities that are doing well when it comes to processing transcript. Reviews show that once you follow all the institution’s guidelines, you can have your transcript within weeks. That’s great stuff, right? It is, definitely. Check out Unilorin Transcript Request Form.

2. University of Nigeria, Nsuka

The highly revered University of Nigeria, Nnsuka (UNN), is living up to its high reputation by being among the institutions that are making Nigerians smile. UNN is said to have a deadline of between two or three weeks for the processing of transcript. Check out how to get UNN transcript (step-by-step guide).

3. Covenant University, Ota

As a private university ranking among the best in Africa and the world, Covenant University is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to continue to improve its standing among the best. Graduates of the institution who have applied for and collected their transcripts have all testified to the smoothness and the pace with which their transcripts were processed and made available. They disclosed that everything was done within two weeks. Check out how to get Convenant University Transcript.

4. Federal University Of Technology, Minna

Making the list of the good guys is Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUT). FUT, like its fellow good guys, is living above the mediocrity in the Nigerian education sector. Although we cannot verify the window within which the transcript is processed but the good news remains that something has changed in this regard and we should all be happy. Check out how to get FUTMINNA transcript (Step-by-step).


The above highlighted universities are the ones known to be processing transcript faster than the others. We will, from time to time, update the list as we get more information from other universities. Kindly share our contents on all your social media platforms so your friends can read and benefit.


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