No Arrears for Corps members, they are not Civil Servants – NYSC DG

The NYSC DG has said there would be no arrears for Corps Members, because they are not Civil Servants but on National Service.

Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has said the budget allocated for the scheme by the Federal Government made it impossible to pay minimum wage arrears to Corps members.

No Arrears for Corps members

However, Brig. General Shuaibu, commended the Federal Government on the recent increase of Corps Members’ allowance.

NYSC allowance was captured in the 2020 budget of the Scheme, payable with effect from January this year, which therefore precludes the payment of arrears.

“Corps Members are NOT Civil Servants, they are on National Service and the commencement date for the payment of the increment of their allowance is January 2020 which the Federal Government has started“, he concluded.

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However, the DG warned Prospective Corps Members with fake credentials to stay off its Orientation Camps across the country.

He added that anyone caught, especially graduates from the universities in West African sub-region with the intent to undermine the integrity of its mobilisation process with fake certificates would be arrested and prosecuted.

The Director-General, Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim gave this warning in his office in Abuja.

He said that the NYSC Scheme had put necessary mechanism in place to curb the enrolment of fake graduates for the Orientation course, and would continue working diligently in that direction.

The DG noted that the Scheme had made tremendous achievements in the fight against unqualified graduates who try to infiltrate the Scheme.

Ibrahim added that during the 2019 Batch ‘C’ online registration, over twenty thousand foreign – trained Nigerians uploaded their results online, however, during the physical verification exercise, just 3,420 showed up. This out come is because they have been forewarned that anyone caught with fake certificate would be prosecuted.

If you have reasons that you think Corps members should be paid minimum wage arrears, use the comment section below.

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Updated: February 23, 2020 — 3:34 pm

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    The President Muhammadu Buhari led administration which came to power on the heels of fighting corruption must not sweep the idea of paying Corp members their arrears under the carpet. This is especially so when one considers the fact that he was voted into power on the grounds that he will fight Corruption to a standstill.

    Any attempt not to pay Corp members their arrears would hugely dent his war on corruption and ridiculed his acclaimed “Integrity”. Worst still, it will be a gigantic disservice to the great youths of this country (Nigeria) who had “under the rain and in the sun with dedication and selflessness” give in their all for the progressive and development of this Country.

    The idea of saying Corp members are not “civil servants” or on a “National service” and as such not entitled to the arrears does not hold water and cannot stand critical analysis.

    Reflect on the following:

    Recall that in 2011 under the leadership of Dr. Good luck Ebele Jonathan when there was an increment of Corp members monthly allowance from N9,775 to N19,800. Brig. General Maharazu Tsiga made the announcement of the increment from N9,775 to N19,800 and arrears were paid to those who were in active service and to those who had passed out.

    Kindly inquire from those who served from 2010,2011 and 2012 or simply Google Search to clear your doubt and set the record straight.This had been the laid down procedure and acceptable tradition.Nonetheless, one wonder why there will be a paradigm shift now? Or why Corp members should not be paid arrears?

    If the Federal government under Dr. Good luck Jonathan should pay arrears I see no reason why this government should not pay. If GEJ should pay arrears I see no better explanation why we shouldn’t be paid on the grounds that we are not civil servants. Those Corp members who were paid during GEJ administration why were they not denied on the grounds that they were not civil servants or on a national service? why now? Or is there something that we need to be told?

    Even the the NYSC Boss Brig. Gen.Shauibu Ibrahim in an interview with Daily trust was quoted as saying: “Wherever I go, the Corps members keep asking, This 19k (19,000), when will it go? But I keep explaining to them that it is tied to the minimum wage and a little fraction on the minimum wage”

    He went further to say: “I can assure you if you scrap NYSC, there is nothing to replace it. Mr. President recently said the NYSC, the military and the police remain the only institutions that unite the country”

    However, the military, police and other parastatals have been paid their arrears as directed by the Minister of finance Mrs. Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed.
    More so, even the President openly admits that we (NYSC) are an institution just like the military and police that aid in uniting the country. Funny enough, we are now told that we are not “civil servants”. Even the NYSC DG knows that the new minimum wage comes with arrears as seen above. In view of the foregoing, common knowledge demands that the minimum wage bill which was signed into law April of 2019 and which only took effect on the part of the NYSC on January of 2020,there is no gainsaying that arrears ought to be paid.

    On 10 of February 2020, Minister of labour and employment, Mr. Chris Ngige, was quoted as saying :”Nigerian youths should invest their time in creating jobs rather than depending on the government for jobs.” indirectly he was saying we (FG) have no jobs for the youths. The federal government ought to know that the payment of the arrears will go a long way in the lives of the youths and will be used as a start up capital which will aid in embarking on a Small scale business by the youths rather than depending on the government for jobs.

    We wholeheartedly appluad the Federal government over the increment of Corp members monthly allowance from N19,800 to N33,000. However we urge the Federal government to look into the issue of the payment of arrears.

    All we are after is justice. I call on all those who are for and against the payment of the arrears to reflect on the moving and powerful words of Martin Luther King Jr which says: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to juatice everywhere”

    God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria
    God bless All Nigeria Youths.
    COMR. Matthew Zakka

  2. I swear. Like me, I’m handling five class.

  3. Olujide Temitayo Esther

    In yet to understand why ex corpers should not be paid their arrears,corpses who are in the service when the increment was implemented and enacted so I don’t see reason they should not be paid..that is corruption and you so call leader are fighting against corruption.

  4. But we were given much jobs here and permanent teachers will cross their legs and talk all day, u will see a corp member teaching like 4 classes,a corp member teaches English, maths, biology and so on , that’s not fair at all

  5. It has been a trend in the history of human race and any government to pay arrears to her workers when neccassary. It happens in Nigeria during the time of umalu miss Ya-adua. If the federal government refuse to pay corp members arrears, them the federal government is practicing the very corruption it claim to be fighting

    1. Bro am very sad wit d way u write d name of ur frmer head of state now how to respect, bhave like a graduate not other way

  6. Am yet to understand why corps members are not to be paid arrears. Sir you said because they are not civil servants… please we should first all of understand the meaning of a civil servant….A civil servant or public servant is a person so employed in the public sector employed for a government department or agency. With these understanding I believe corpers work for the government and I see no reason why they should not be paid there arrears.
    If military personnel should be paid arrears every corps member is also entitled to be paid
    Say no to injustice

  7. Of course corp. members are not civil servant, it’s true that their increments is captured in the 2020 budget we agreed. But the civil servant started receiving their own on December, and some federal agency were given arrears of that too is not captured in the 2019 budget because the bill was signed by the President on the 18th April 20119. So corp. and ex-corp should be paid

  8. Since we work for the federal government and receive salary in form of allowance,in the minimum wage bill was signed into law last April.Corps members are supposed to be the minimum wage from last April.Our allowance is increased but no arrears does it really make sense .Are we not in the salary scale or is it because we didn’t have a body to fight for us ? .what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

  9. Aladinrin Francis babatunde

    I don’t see any reason whatsoever why government will deny the corpers of their arrears most especially those who are in service when the minimum wages was implemented and been enacted by the President,either you are a civil servants or in youth service, service is service we are all serving our country Nigeria and we r all entitled to it benefits,we are suffering together in this nation, no graduate have been offered a job, and the preaching in this nation Nigeria is that everybody should be independent. go into business,be an entrepreneur, go into farming, we all are forcefully agreed but where is the capital to help our efforts.if this arrears is paid I personally, I’m not anxious to employed by the government but be an employer of labour, during my service year 2018 batch A. I tried to borrow loan from Bank of industry the one attached to the Nysc corps but to no avail. Now that we expecting our arrears to be paid. Our leader who was initially fighting for us turned out to be an obstacle….. Pay this little arrears so to make zero dependent on government job…. I am Aladinrin Francis babatunde.

  10. If Nigeria leaders have the youth at heart, then it would been their way of empowering corp member to get fund to start up business or something after serving their fathers land…

  11. Well, DG please i beg of you arrears should be paid to corpers,,, we corpers are parliamilitary,in as much as we are entitled to the arrears, Daddy His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari i know you are a kind and honest man, please listen to your children we beg of you Sir.

  12. Truth is, if corps Members are not included in the arrears, why pay them minimum wages? You people would have probably skipped them from the minimum wage since they’re not affected. This is a foolish reasoning.

  13. This is high level of corruption,
    Nigerians always get robbed and no one to atone for them, this money was paid and one person is sitting on it, soon their children will be spending it lavishly, the DG and some top officials knows what I’m talking about

  14. It is very wrong for Nysc not to pay corps members arrears, yes we agree to the fact that we are serving our father’s Land,then if the military and other forces in Nigeria should receive arrears then corps members should receive arrears too because we are all serving our country,by the way Nysc is paramilitary. So please pay corps members their arrears.

  15. If civil servants should be given arrears because the are working for government, then who are the corp members working for? Is it not the same government? Well, if the don’t want to pay the arrears the should just tell the corp members that a lizard or an elephant swallow the money, because it’s a normal thing in this country. But not that the are not civil servants.

  16. I just think the older generation in power or places of authority are just being too selfish to us the youths, so since we don’t have any organised union to fight for our right, we are then bound to this injustice. But I don’t blame them, i blame the so-called nysc body who are practically failing in their duties has a liaison with the government and corpers. Well since it has nothing to do with their salaries who cares? But I just want to urge Nigeria to at least do things with a little consistency such that the world do not laugh at us…✌

  17. During d goodluck regime d minimum wages also increased den they payed d same arrears to the corpers at service why ur own administration changed u r nt fighting corruption DG find solution to it

  18. Constutionaly, the fedaral government, must pay corp members their arrears, why because the budget start raising seen 2019. Under the implimantation of president good lock. And also we are still on services at the period

    1. Ayuba Ahmed Mohammed

      The corps members are entitled to pay arrears since it was happening in Dr good luck administration when the minimum wages implimented the arrears been paid to corps members.

  19. I can’t see reason why corps members should not be paid arrears. President Johnathan lead administration paid arrears when minimum wage was increased, besides, this will be a little form of empowerment to corps members that are entitled fo the arrears. If this is paid, I’m sure, the benefactors will be established with zero dependency on government job.

    I was to register for NYSC since 2018 but I deliberately refused just to wait for implementation of minimum wage, that made me not to even follow 2019 batch A. Now u are telling me that I have tied or delayed my destiny?

    Please DG, act like a learned person, know your rights and stand for Nigerian youths entrusted in your hand.

  20. It’s not possible to compared Jonathan Administration with Buhari is like comparing Necessity with Luxurious ends will justify the means

  21. Please no body should eat our money because i know president Mohammadu is a good man, he will release it according to costitution.

  22. God is watching the leaders of this country for corruption n evildoers,they must pay that money because Good luck paid corps members arrears during his tenure so why this regime is different?

  23. Hassan saadu Hassan

    Mr President creating inequality is also corruption, some are finishing service while some are starting how to Ballance is by paying arreas, we are not civil servant yes but one day we are or what do you think if a Corp member one day become a president and refused to pay salary like yahaya Bello, please buhari your are man of integrity please pay us we are begging please, I have a Debt of eighty thousand, I want to use arreas and pay thanks Mr President

  24. Please sir, as earlier said by my fellow Corp member, as promised by the federal government, please let’s our arrears be paid because it is another source of erradicating poverty among the Nigeria youth and creating room for another ways establishing ourselves life after service.

  25. That means the allowance shouldn’t have been increased in The first place,The previous adminstration paid the arrears of corp members when minimum wage was increased while will this adminstration fail do same thing.its seems D.G doesn’t have insight knowledge of his office or his been influce….

  26. It is constitutional to pay corps member arrears. Jonathan lead administration paid it. Why will Buhari adminisration refused to pay

  27. Ukotamos Awajiyei Golden

    Pls corps member should be paid their arears after all it was implimented when they were in camp so why won’t they be given their arears….doing the right thing is better than doing the wrong thing…tnks

  28. عبد الله ابوبكر

    Its highly critical…

  29. The passing into law of the minimum wage happened 2019, if the Nigeria law has a solid ground, the implementation should not have take this long, because it was promised to different people and enjoyed by different people.

  30. The federal government has stated that they will pay Yh areas allocated to corp members, i believe they should endevour to follow through with their promise.

  31. Mbalisi John Ifeanyi

    Please and please are corp member not serving the interest of the nation, are they not the responsibility of the federal government, previous adminstration paid corp members areas including the civil servants of this great country. In addition corp members in their place of primary assignment are considered as staff’s, they report to work and close the same time as staff’s and what most of them are been paid is less than 10,000 Naira plus the previous 19 800 Naira without accommodation, Haba let say something areas most be paid please.

  32. Hmmmm, its unfortunate that this administration lack integrity but claimed to be, how can u denied those that serve their father’s land without a job now their entitlement, during the previous administration led by Goodluck Jonathan, corps members was paid. May God help this nation. What a lawless country,

  33. Nigeria is one country without law keeping. The pass Administration of this same country paid arrears, but the present Administration decided not to pay……what a confuse set of leaders in Nigeria.
    Don’t be surprise that another DG will come an pay next set of corp members if there’s increase is made.
    I can’t imagine DG saying this after what graduates are passing through in this country….some even die during this service year…………
    Some one like me, I lost all my property during Election and NYSC TARABA state promise to help me out but till I finish my national Assignment nothing was done..I came back empty just for serving my country…..

  34. During general election 2019….I was serving in Taraba state and they compelled me to go for election, the state co-ordinator promise all corpers that there will be security in our lodges when we vacate for the election process.
    I left our lodge and I came back to see my room emptied. I report the case to NYSC TARABA STATE and they promise to help…I lost all my property Worth over Two hundred and sixteen thousand naira….
    But they refuse to help me at last.
    I came back empty……No work, nothing to show forty.
    While can’t they pay this Arrears for goodness sake. Pls

  35. As many of you denying us from receiving our arrears, you all could vividly remembered that during good luck Jonathan’s administration, arrears was paid. Weather civil servant, National Service,we all are entitled to receive that which belongs to us. Please Do not deny is from our rights.

  36. Nigeria is one country without law keeping. The pass Administration of this same country paid arrears, but the present Administration decided not to pay……what a confuse set of leaders in Nigeria.
    Don’t be surprise that another DG will come an pay next set of corp members if there’s increase is made.
    I can’t imagine DG saying this after what graduates are passing through in this country….some even die during this service year…………
    Some one like I lost all my property during Election and NYSC TARABA state promise to help me out but till I finish my national Assignment nothing was done..I came back empty just for serving my country…..

  37. I’m a serving corp membe,I was remobilization to plateau state they said I’m not entitled to new allowance. They say I will be only pay 19800 because I was on remob.

  38. I know the DG is the voice of Corp members and he will do his possible best to speak in a balance proportion.
    From inception Corp members are always included in arrears budget but my doubt is why this administration
    that corruption is reduced to minimal be different, without contradiction, l believe they is need for reconsideration. Thank you

  39. If corps members were include for the minimum wage I see no reason for not paying them their arrears. So pls Mr president I beg and I beg pls pay them their arrears, we know u do and are still doing ur best for the great citizens of this great nation Nigeria.

  40. The money is already given they don’t just want to pay….

  41. But previous administration of Good Luck Jonathan paid!

  42. Muktar Adamu Muhammad

    Am graduate from University of Maiduguri

  43. During Dr good luck ebele he paid the prospective corp members areas why this Muhammad buari they say that won’t pay the corp members areas.

  44. Since we have been included in the minimum wage,it automatically gave us the entitlement to our arrears, i can remember the last time federal government increase the minimum wage Corp member we paid arrears, so I see no reason why this administration will denies us of our entitlement.

  45. God Is watching the leadership of this present administration, is that how former president Goodluck Johnathan rule this country? Are the been if he rule this country like that could you people be there? Corruption of the highest order is found in this current administration and you people say you are fighting corruption, can you imagine you are already corrupt and you say you are fighting corruption, who is fooling who? If president muhammadu Buhari lead administration is trully fighting corruption then he should kindly respect his integrity and pay corps member their entitlement(arrears) because if he do not pay he is fantastically corrupt.

    1. It’s now they are differentiating Civil servants and national service, kiaaaaaaa God.
      Jonathan started paying 19800 and still paid the said arrears without differentiating Civil servant from National Service.
      No matter what, they deserved to be paid their arrears, do you have ideas who this guys go through in their respective Place of Primary Assignment? They work in any offices even more than the said Civil Servants, they are being used like slave and yet all FG could say is that they don’t deserve to get the arrears?

      I quote, whoever is been affected by this minimum wage shall be paid the arrears from the date of it’s been approved.
      So, what’s now stoping tbe Corp Members from getting theirs.

  46. But during the past govt, wen NYSC allowance was increased from #9800 to #19800 all d arrears we’re being paid by d then govt. Y will dis govt now b different, is it not d same Nigeria?

  47. Looking at it from increment during President Jonathan’s regime, there was no excuse as that Corp members are not civil servants or are on national service. From the date the increment was signed all Corp members that passed out were paid their arrears appropriately. I see no reason why the government of now will not want to pay Corp members the arrears from April,2019 till December 2019. It’s unfair on corp members

  48. Grace Bala Shonbang

    Dear DG Sir,please help us & pay us the arrears, we need it badly as it will help us to start something for ourselves, as you know that not all of us will get a government job after this NYSC Sir. But with the arrears,we can start a small business that will be beneficial to us in other not for us to engage in some ungodly thing’s because of lack of Job Sir.
    Thank You in anticipation Sir.

  49. I remember vividly under Goodluck Jonathan tenure arrears was paid to Corp members then.
    So why now?

  50. Will there be batch A stream 11

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