Top 5 Scams Prospective Corps Members should beware of

As the NYSC online registration is fast approaching, we shall reveal to you top 5 scams Prospective Corps Members should beware of. The Reason we share this information is to create awareness, so that you may not fall victim.

This is Nigeria, where there are many youths who completed NYSC but there is no job. The only way they survive is by ripping unsuspecting prospective corps members of their hard earned money.

Most of these scammers understand that Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) are new in the system.

Top 5 Scams Prospective Corps Members should beware of

Below are top 5 scams NYSC prospective members should beware of;

1. NYSC online registration fees

The NYSC management will never ask you to pay to be mobilized or registered. The only fee NYSC will ask you to pay is the sum of ₦2,956 for Call up letter printing, but this is optional.

If you don’t have ₦2,956 to pay for the Call up letter online printing, NYSC will send your call up letter to the institution that you graduated from. You can travel and collect it for free without paying a dime. It usually comes out a day or two days before the opening of orientation camp.

Another fee you will pay is for Cyber café services, which might range from ₦1,000 to ₦2,500 depending on your location. You don’t pay this to NYSC but to Cyber cafe that registered you. See, cost of NYSC online registration at Cyber Cafe for more information.

Please, do not listen to anyone posing as NYSC staff to collect money from you for NYSC mobilization or registration. They’re fake and not really from NYSC.

2. Medical certificate of fitness

This is the easiest way PCMs can be tricked and scammed even without finding out, till they get to the orientation camp. During my NYSC days, I employed the services of someone posing as a medical doctor. I paid him ₦1,500 for my medical fitness certificate. And before 2 hours, he has sent me an email containing what I requested for, and I was so happy.

During the screening at Iseyin Orientation Camp, Oyo State, my medical fitness certificate was rejected. The NYSC officials said it was printed and not signed with pen by a qualified doctor. At that point in time I realized I’ve been scammed and I was unhappy for falling to such scam.

I was later directed to a General Hospital, where paid about ₦2,000 to obtain another medical certificate of fitness.

I will advice you, before going to the NYSC orientation camp, visit a government hospital for your medical fitness certificate. It’ll not cost more than ₦3,000. See NYSC medical certificate: How to get it for registration.

3. Direct posting and relocation

Direct posting means to work or influence NYSC posting to a certain state, whilst relocation means to change your state of deployment to another state.

The truth is that NYSC does not charge money for deployment or relocation. However, there are three (3) available ways for relocation as provided by NYSC, which are marital, insecurity and medical reasons. See how to apply for NYSC relocation after 3 months of service.

Don’t pay anyone for posting, NYSC does not charge for it, it’s totally free.

4. NYSC age issues (exemption)

Many prospective corps members who NYSC exempt from service due to over age easily fall for this scam. Many of them will be willing to pay up to ₦100,000 just to serve. Unfortunately 99% of those promising to work it for you are scammers. Pay them and they will disappear with your money. See how NYSC calculate age limit for mobilization.

5. NYSC accredited registration centres

Those that usually put up this scam are cyber cafe owners. Once NYSC registration is around the corner, they will come up with a trick to deceive prospective corps members.

They will say there are NYSC accredited registration and they will list their cyber cafe as one of the accredited centres.

The truth is that there is no NYSC accredited centre for online registration. You can register in any cyber cafe or with your own computer. Please read this article, NYSC accredited registration centres Nationwide.


We have highlighted top 5 scams prospective corps members should beware of. And there are more. However, it is your responsibility to protect yourself. You can report any scammer that comes your way to Humphery or Comr. Nnadi (donhacklord) so we can inform others. Thank you.

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