How To Correct Your Name On National Identity Card

The accuracy of names and other personal details on a document like the National Identity Card is paramount, and hence, opportunity to make modifications is always giving to people. Recently, a lot of people have been asking us questions regarding the modification of details on national identity card. Some of the questions are: “How do I correct my name on National Identity Card?” “How do I apply for arrangement of name on National ID Card?” “Can I change my date of birth on national identity card?” In this post, we will guide you on how to correct your name on National Identity Card.

How to modify name on National ID Card

Modification of names on national identity card are of different categories;

  • Name arrangement.
  • Removal/addition of names.
  • Correct of misspelled errors.
  • Changing to new name.

For any type of name modification, visit the nearest NIMC office. The Cost is N500 payable via Remita.

Those who are adding or changing a new name, should go along with a newspaper publication of change of name and court affidavit. Kindly note that newspaper is not required for misspelled name.

How about correcting the date of birth?

This may attracts N15,000 payable via Remita, Click Here for information on how to modify date of birth on national identity card.


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