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Welcome to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) recruitment past questions and answers portal. If you have interest in working with the NDLEA, then you need to score high in its screening test. Here is the NDLEA past questions and answers to help you understand the format of the computer-based test.

There is a need to get yourself prepared for the agency’s recruitment screening aptitude test by practicing the NDLEA recruitment past questions and answers. You will be able to download NDLEA Recruitment past Questions and Answers on this page, just read on.

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency recruitment past questions and answers has been compiled by the Nyscinfo media team to help all candidates sitting for NDLEA recruitment aptitude test in Nigeria.

This e-book(pdf) will give you an insight into how the management of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency set their questions and the format they use for recruitment exams. Also, the e-book will give you an edge over other candidates.

Please note that NDLEA aptitude test questions consist of English, Mathematics, General knowledge, basic sciences, information technology and medical.

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NDLEA Past Questions and Answers PDF

Find the NDLEA questions below:

1) Last year Jose sold a painting for $2000. If he made 25% profit on the sale, how much had
he paid for the painting?
A. $1200
C. $1500
C. $1600
D. $2400
E. $2500

Working: Jose made 25% profit, so if he bought the painting for x, he sold it for: x + 0.25x = 1.25x = 2000 ⇒x
= 2000 ÷ 1.25 = 1600.

Answer is (C)

2) If the length of a rectangle is 4 times its width, and if its area is 144, what is its perimeter?
A. 6
B. 24
C. 30
D. 60
E. 96

Answer: D

3) If the measures of the angles of a triangle are in the ratio of 1:2:3, and if the perimeter of the
triangle is 30 + 10 (3)½, what is the length of the smallest side?
A. 20
B. 18
C. 15
D. 12
E. 10

Answer: E

4) In an office there was a small cash box. One day Ann took half of the money plus $1 more. Then
Dan took half of the money plus $1 more. Stan then took the remaining $11. How many dollars were
originally in the box?
A. $50
B. $45
C. $42
D. $40
E. $38

Answer: A

5) A total of 1600 copies of a CD were sold. 30% were sold at 55% discount, 10% were sold at 30%
discount and the remainder were sold at the full price of $7.95. What was the approximate total
revenue in dollars?
A. 10,369
B. 10,569
C. 10,569
D. 10,234
E. 10,669

Answer: D

6) Which of these is a domestic animal.
A. Cat
B. snake
C. Lion
D. Giraffe

Answer A

7) We keep food in the _____ to prevent spoilage.

A. Shelve

B. cupboard

C. Fridge

D. Store

Answer C

8) Scientists perform Experiments in the _____.
A. Library
B. Lavatory
C. Laboratory
D. Lobby

Answer C

9) Which of these seasons of the year is not present in Nigeria?
A. Harmattan
B. Dry
D. Raining
D. Winter

Answer D

10) Which of these options can be used to control plant growth around the house.
A. Genocide
B. herbicide
C. Insecticide
D. Kerosene

Answer B

11) A pedestrian travel on _____.
A. Water
B. Bicycle
C. Foot
D. Train

Answer C

12) If your father has two wives, the daughter of the other wife is your ______.
A. Sister
B. Half sister
C. Cousin
D. Step sister

Answer B

13) Electricity does not flow through rubber because it is ______.
A. An insulator
B. A conductor
C. A condenser
D. A circuit

Answer A

*Which of the following words can be formed from the words in capital.


A. Finger
B. Printings
C. Fern
D. Granite

Answer C


A. Deed
B. Date
C. Elder
D. Line

Answer D


A. manager
B. Glid
C. Slim
D. Ever

Answer C

17) diamond, ruby, sapphire
A. gold
B. emerald
C. platinum
D. pearl

Answer : B




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NDLEA Past Questions and Answers


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