Registration Procedures In NYSC Orientation Camp

This article covers the registration procedures in the National Youth Service Corps Orientation (NYSC) orientation camp from start to finish. Loan.

Once a prospective corps member arrives at the NYSC Orientation Camp his/her registration starts immediately. See best time to travel to NYSC orientation camp.

Registration procedures in NYSC orientation camp loan

Below is the process of registration at the NYSC orientation camp:

1. Gate check point

You would be requested to tender your NYSC call up letter. After seeing your call up letter, a Covid-19 test will be carried by the NCDC officials, if result comes out POSITIVE, you will be quarantined immediately but if NEGATIVE, camp securities will search your luggage. Once you’re cleared, they will give you a tag number. See NYSC Covid19 Test Guideline for prospective Corps members.Get loan

  • Important Note
    Don’t go to orientation camp with foodstuff, they can only permit provisions and garri.
  • Don’t go with cutleries like fork and knife, but they can permit stainless spoon.
  • Make sure the length of your white nicker is not beyond your knee (or half trousers).
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2. Accommodation

After the gate check point, go to where you would be allocated a hostel and bed space. The security at the gate would show you there.

The tag number given to you by the security men at the gate would be requested there. Write your name in the book they will give, another tag number showing you hostel and bed space will be given to you. After that, locate your bed space and drop your luggage there. Government loan

3. Verification of documents

Original documents and six photocopies of each would be requested:

  • Call-up letter
  • Green card
  • School ID card
  • Statement of result
  • Certificate of medical fitness
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4. Biometric registration

If your thumbprint matched with what you did during registration, then they will determine the platoon you belong. You will be given;

  • Registration Slip (showing your state code)
  • Temporary I.D
  • Meal ticket
  • Certificate format
  • Performance report form
  • Bio-data form.

Note: Make two photocopies of the slip and keep the slip for further use.

Check the last digit number in your state code. It ranges from 0 to 9.
0 means platoon 10;
1 means platoon 1;
2 means platoon 2;
3 means platoon 3
4 stands for platoon 4
5 means platoon 5
6 means platoon 6
7 means platoon 7
8 means platoon 8
9 means platoon 9.

5. Platoon get loan

All platoon will be directed to gather at different locations. You need to locate your platoon with the following; Registration slip and Green Card. Your platoon officer will give you your NYSC Kits. Dress up immediately but before you run to the parade group, open NYSC allowance account for your N33,000.

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6. Opening of Bank account

All PCMs should open a new bank account for receiving monthly NYSC allowance of N33,000.

7. Run to the parade ground

After opening new bank account, “double up” to the parade field. Parade is done according to platoon, so locate your platoon on the parade ground and join them.

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  1. Please after camp Orientation Exercise are we directly be sent to PPA from the camp. Or we get back to our destination and prefer for the PPA.

  2. Is secondary certificate and SSCE needed when attending camp?

    1. No, only needed from foreign trained graduates

  3. Pls must one open another Bank Account there in camp if you already have one or two different bank account/s?

    1. Yes, opening of new account for receiving NYSC allowance is mandatory for all corps members. It is a must to open new account in camp even if you have several accounts before.

  4. Are we to take clothes th us to camp?
    I am confused because what people keep saying is you are not allowed to wear anything else. Will I sleep with the white? Please I need answers

    1. You can wear anything to sleep at night, and on Sundays you are allowed to wear anything to church or mosque so take some clothes. Also, after camp, you may need some clothes to wear at your PPA.

  5. Pls,how will i change (correct) my date of birth ?

  6. The account opening will be done in the camp right?

  7. What about nursing mothers and pregnant women

  8. Pls am having issues with my name,all my documents are having my three names while my results are having two names,I want to know the challenges I will face in camp and what to do to avoid such pls.

    1. Nothing you can do, except to change it from your school. Well shall, you can explain to NYSC officials when you get to camp.

  9. Please concerning the issue of school id card, in my school you can not be in possession of your I’d card once you have your university certificate, if not that shows you didn’t follow protocol during your clearance. And I’m positive other universities too. Is NYSC going to consider this?

    1. Obtain temporal NYSC or final year ID card from your institution. Read this post How to get Final year ID Card for NYSC mobilization in 2020

      1. What if I have a photocopy and my university certificate?

  10. Pls can I still do change of DOB in campp

  11. Wahab fatimoh Adesewa

    Pls the medical fitness we get before the breakdown of Corona virus can we still used it now in camp for us that is in batch A stream II now converted to batch B

    1. Medical fitness certificate is valid only for 3 months.

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