How to Cross U.S/Mexico Border by Land

How to Cross U.S-Mexico Border by Land

Are you looking for information on how to enter the United States through the USA-Mexico border? If your answer is ‘yes’, this article provides comprehensive information about crossing USA-MEXICO border by land. Kindly get a cup of coffees for yourself as you scroll down. About the USA-MEXICO border The border between the United States and … Read more

List of African Countries that Issue Electronic Visa (e-Visa)

African Countries

Following the introduction of the computerized visa system, the days of queuing at various embassies day and night for the purpose of obtaining an entry visa are quickly going away. We’ve put together a list of African countries that use electronic visa (e-visa) systems. Kindly note that the issuance of e-visa is  ‘electronically’. This is … Read more

Sweden Visa In Nigeria: How To Apply

Schengen Visa in Nigeria

If you intend to travel to Sweden either as a student, tourist or business individual, you will need the Swedish visa to gain legal entry into the European Nation. The visa can be described as the official stamp of approval issued by the Swedish embassy in Nigeria on behalf of the Swedish government, to allow … Read more

How To Pay US Visa Fee Through GTBank

How to Apply for GTB Affiliate Programme in Nigeria

GTBank has showed overtime that it can render all kinds of financial services to its large customer base in Nigeria and in countries where the bank has branches. GTBank offers speedy and convenient and seamless way to pay for your United States Visa fee in Nigeria. With GTBank, you can pay for your United States … Read more

Schengen Visa Interview In Nigeria: top mistakes to avoid

Schengen Visa in Nigeria

Have you ever questioned the effect that visa interview has on getting your Schengen visa application approved in Nigeria? Recall that we told in our previous article that Schengen visa let you travel from one member nation to the rest member countries who are signatories to the Schengen treaty. Also check Steps For Applying For … Read more