How To Know NYSC Stream You Belong

How To Know Which NYSC Stream You Belong

After NYSC online registration, prospective corps members always want to know which stream they belong. In this article, I will show you how to know NYSC Stream you belong. The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) mobilize 3 batches of graduates every year for National Service. Each batch is divided into Stream 1 and 2. The […]

NYSC Date Of Camp For Batch C 2019 Programme

Nysc date of camp

NYSC Orientation camp date is a date when Prospective Corps Members are to report to the various NYSC orientation camp in their respective State of deployment for National Service programme. The NYSC management will send Call-up letters to prospective corps members. In the Call-up letter, State of deployment and Camp date will be clearly stated […]

Addresses Of NYSC Pre-Camp Verification Centres

Addresses of NYSC Verification Centres

A lot of Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) have been asking me to give them the addresses of NYSC pre-camp verification centres. Today, their requests have been granted. It’s no longer news that the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has devised new strategy of verifying Certificate and other documents submitted to them during online registration. NYSC […]

Documents Needed For NYSC Registration At Cyber Cafe

Documents Needed For NYSC Registration

Many prospective corps members would want to know the documents they need to upload during NYSC online registration at Cyber Cafe. In this post, I will show you all the documents needed for NYSC Registration at Cyber Cafe. During the NYSC online registration, there are two categories of Prospective Corps Members that will register; Foreign […]

How To Defer Your NYSC Posting (2019)

How to defer your NYSC

As we live in the world of uncertainty, sometimes something that will make you to seek how to defer your NYSC can come up. To defer your NYSC means to postpone your posting to a date in the future. Is it possible to defer NYSC? The direct answer to this question is ‘yes’. Although, according […]