NYSC Abbreviations and their Meanings (Acronym and Slangs)

Like other agencies, the National Youth Service Corps has interesting acronyms and slangs. In this post, we will show you NYSC abbreviations and their meanings.

NYSC Abbreviations

NYSC abbreviations and their meanings

Below are the NYSC abbreviations and their meanings;

AI – Area Inspector: He/she is in charge of NYSC in a given area.

Allowee – Allowance: This is corps members’ monthly payment. Federal allowance is fixed at N33,000. In addition, corps members also receive state allowance which varies from state to state. See NYSC allowance for all states in Nigeria.

Book of Life: An important book that contain details of all corps members who registered in orientation camp. Every corps member in camp ought to sign this book.

Call-up letter: This letter will be sent to you by NYSC some days after online registration ended. This letter serves as an evidence that you have been called for service. See sample of NYSC Call up letter.

Call-up number: This is a unique number that NYSC assigned to every prospective corps member who registered for the scheme. See how NYSC call up number look like.

Camp Director: He/she is the head camp official in charge of camp activities.

CC –  Camp Commandant: A soldier who has the highest rank in camp. He is incharge of parade, training, security and other military activities in the NYSC camp.

CDS – Community Development Service: This is project corps members carry toward developing their host communities. CDS meeting is done once every week usually on Thursdays. See list of award winning personal CDS project.

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CDS card: This is an official card signed by the LI with a passport photograph attached to it after the last CDS meeting.

Clearance: This is a monthly activity to prove that Corps members have not absconded from service.

CLO – Corps Liaison Officer: He/she is the head corpers in charge of all corps members in a given local government area.

CM – Corps Member: A serving member of the National Youth Service Corps that have been sweared in camp.

Corper – A Corps members or NYSC member.

Corpers wee – The response is one. It means we are one.

DEC –  Deputy Editor in Chief.

De-camp: To expel corps members or send them away from camp because they committed an offense.

DG  Director General: This is an army officer who is the overall head of the National Youth Service Corps. See NYSC DG profile and his salary.

Domicile letter  letter from a husband to NYSC applying for redeployment of his wife to his state of residence stating clearly his home address. Check out sample of domicile letter.

Double up – A military slang that soldiers often use in camp to tell corps members to run very fast.

Exco: Executive Council Officers of corps members’ CDS group.

Ghost corper – corper that don’t participate in activities yet hr/she collects monthly allowance and other benefits like serving Corpers. See how to become a ghost Corper.

Green card: This is a registration slip that prospective corps members print out after successful online registration. See Green card sample.

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LGA –  Local Government Area.

LGI – Local Government Inspector: This is an NYSC official who supervises Corps members posted to a certain local government area.

LI  Local Inspector: Same as Local Government Inspector. He/she is in charge of the scheme in a given local government area.

Mami market – A market inside NYSC orientation camp.

NYSC – National Youth Service Corps.

Nyscinfo.com – This is a website that inform Corps members and prospective corps members the happenings in NYSC.

OBS – Orientation Broadcasting Station: This is a radio station within the NYSC Orientation camp. They inform and entertain Corps members in camp.

Otondo: The origin or the actual meaning of this word is not yet known. However, Soldiers in NYSC camp usually call new corps members “otondo”, especially when they make a mistake.

Parade Commender: A Corps member who lead all the platoons during parade.

Passing Out or Winding Up: This is when Corps members have finished theit serving year. See requirements for NYSC POP.

PCM – Prospective Corps Member: To become a Corps member. Person who is eligible for NYSC but has not yet been sweared-in to serve in the NYSC orientation camp.

Platoon: A group of Corps members in NYSC Orientation Camp. There are platoon 1 to 10.

Platoon Commander: A Corps member leading a platoon during parade.

Platoon Inspector: A camp official in charge of a platoon in orientation camp.

Platoon leader: A Corps member who assist the platoon inspector for platoon activities.

POPPassing Out Parade: This is a final and mandatory parade for passing out corps members. It is done on the Passing Out day.

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Posting letter – This letter contain details of where a Corps member is posted for his/her PPA. See how to print NYSC PPA online.

PPA – Place of Primary Assignment: This is an organization where corps members are posted to work after Orientation camp course. See how to change NYSC PPA.

PRO – Public Relation Officer.

PV – Payment Voucher: It’s a document that Corps members sign before they recieve allowance for that month.

Remobilization – This is online registration for Corps members who are de-camped or absconded from service.

Revalidation – Another opportunity to go for NYSC which is given to PCM who registered previously but failed to go to camp after printing call-up letter. Check out how to do NYSC Revalidation.

SAED – Skills Acquisitions and Entrepreneurial Development: This is a programme for Corps members to learn new beneficial skills during their service year.

Senate list – List of graduates eligible to register for NYSC. See how to check your name on Senate list.

ST – State coordinator: He/she is the head of NYSC at the state level.

State code – This is the official state identification number given to all Corps members after registration in camp.

ZI  Zonal Inspector: He/she is in charge of NYSC in a given zone.

If you think the NYSC abbreviations above are not complete, you can add your own in the comment section below.

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