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ICPC Past Questions And Answers FREE PDF Download

Did you apply for a job at Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC), and you are preparing to write their recruitment aptitude test? If ‘yes’, then you need the ICPC Recruitment Past Questions and Answers to help your preposition. Kindly be informed that the ICPC test is a competitive one since you will be competing with other candidates who also want to be shortlisted for the job.

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One way to beat your competitors and score high in any exam is, ‘adequate preparation’, however, your preparation cannot be adequate if you don’t go through the exams previous questions.

The Independent Corrupt Practices Commission past questions and answers covers some of the key questions asked in the past ICPC recruitment examination.

WARNING – This questions & answer does not mean it will be the exact questions that will be set by ICPC exam board (it is just the ICPC online test past questions). Also, try to check the answers to ensure they are correct. Also check Past questions for Npower.

The ICPC Past Questions And Answers

The subject combinations include Mathematics, English Language and Current Affairs.

Question 1: Which of these is a domestic animal?
A. Cat
B. snake
C. Lion
D. Giraffe

Question 2: We keep food in the ______ to prevent spoilage.
A. Shelve
B. cupboard
C. Fridge
D. Store

Question 3: Scientists perform Experiments in the ______.
A. Library
B. Lavatory
C. Laboratory
D. Lobby

Question 4: Which of these seasons of the year is not present in Nigeria?
A. Harmattan
B. Dry
D. Raining
D. Winter

Question 5: Which of these options can be used to control plant growth around the house.
A. Genocide
B. herbicide
C. Insecticide
D. Kerosene

Question 6: A pedestrian travel on ______.
A. Water
B. Bicycle
C. Foot
D. Train

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Question 7: The sun or any star and the planets which move round it is referred to as ______.
A. Sunny system
B. Solar System
C. Solar Plexus
D. Solar power

Question 8: How many months of the year have less than 31 days?
A. 1
B. 3
C. 5
D. 7

Question 9: The patient was taken to the ______by the doctor for the surgery.
A. Labour room
B. Laboratory
C. Theatre
D. Ward

Question 10: A female sheep is called
A. Kid
B. Fingerling
C. Ewe
D. Ram

Question 11: In whose tenure was the ICPC inaugurated?
A. Umaru Musa Yar’Adua
B. Olusegun Obasanjo
C. Abdulsalami Abubakar
D. Sani Abacha

Question 12: In what year was ICPC established?
A. 29th September 2000
B. 29th September 2001
C. 29th September 2002
D. 29th September 2003

Question 13: The national youth service corp was established in
A. 1960
B. 1973
C. 1980
D. 1997

Question 14: The Nigeria Police Force belongs to which organ of government
A. Judiciary
B. Executive
C. Legislative
D. None of the above

Question 15: African consist of how many countries
A. 54
B. 55
C. 60
D. 70

Question 16: The Secretary general of OPEC is
A. Abdulsaleam Kanuri
B. Abudullahhi El-badri
C. Utuhu Kamirideen
D. Philip Effiong

Question 17: The current secretary general of United nation is
A. Ban ki Moon
B. Trugve Lie
C. Koffi Anaan
D. Boustro-Brouste Ghali

Question 18: Which of the followingpair of countries consist of the permanent security council of UN
A. Brazil, Germany, France, USA, China
B. France, China, USSR, USA, Britain
C. France,Britain, Brazil, Newzealand
D. France, Germany, Japan, China

Question 19: In order to qualify for the post of President in Nigeria the person must be ____ and above
A. 35yr
B. 20 yrs
C. 40 yrs
D. 55yrs

Question 20: The name Nigeria coined out of ____
A. Niger Forest
B. Niger Area
C. Niger River
D. Niger Textures

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Question 21: The first Inspector General of the Police Force was
A. Teslim Balogun
B. Louis Edet
C. Ademola Adetokunbo
D. Elias Balogon

Question 22: The current secretary general or commission chairman of Africa union is
A. Dlamini Zuma
B. Allasane Quattara
C. Emeka Anaoku
D. H. Desategn

Question 23: The current president of commission or secretary is of ECOWAS
A. H.Desategn
B. Kadre Desire Quedraogo
C. Allasane Quattara
D. Ike Ekweremalu

Question 24: The headquarter of UN is in
A. New York
B. Washington
C. Geneva
D. Vienna

Question 25: UNO was founded in San Francisco in
A. 1939
B. 1914
C. 1945
D. 1950

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ICPC Past Questions And Answers

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1 Comment

  1. Nwebonyi James


    From the info that was sent to me on Tuesday been 24/08/2021 stated that I am been reschedule for the icpc test on 25th and 27th august but wen I try it yesterday by6;00pm they told me that the token has expired, pls what should I do

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