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NYSC Problem Solving Centre For Batch A 2020 Online Registration.

Hello Gentlemen Prospective Corps Members (PCMs), we created this page to solve all the problems you might encounter during your online registration.

So, if you have questions or if encounter problems during your online registration, feel free to let us know. Our Admin and moderators will follow you up on this page.

To interact with us;

1. Scroll down to the comment section on this page.

2. Clearly state your problems or ask a question.

3. Share this post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc).

3. Check back to this page for an answer after some minutes.

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  1. Adeyemiwo christianah Omolade


    I can’t be able to access my NYSC PORTAL was I forgot my password and I can’t be able to reset my password with and I also forgot my question and answer and I can’t be able to print my call up letter

  2. Thomas


    Good day sir, please I forget my password, and pets name, so I can’t retrieve it, please what can I do

    • Go to the NYSC Secretariat in the state where you are

  3. Abubakar usman


    I have problem with my matriculation number, my is U15/PAD/1007 but the one showing is U15/pad/2001 and which not my own and it carry all my details and the two matriculation numbers are on the Senate list so please help me out

  4. Yusuf Zakari


    According the NYSC I was exempted but I have Waec for verificatiin.

    If I apply for correction of date of birth on my dashboard it will take me how many days?

  5. Aminah


    I have registered and paid since last week Thursday but I have not been able to print my green card and registration will soon close. What should i do sir?

  6. Muniru Balikis


    What should I do?
    My name was misspelled as Muniru Billikis Abiola instead of Muniru Bilikis Abiola…and without the correction of name I can’t print out my green card and call up number.
    Pls sir, what should I do?

    • Apply for correction right from your dashboard.

  7. Sam


    During my choice of state I had just one available slot from while on the other zamfarawa was automatically selected .. the last two slot were unavailable.. is it possible I can be sent to other state ? Cos Zamfarawa is not a likely option

  8. Lekan Yusuf


    Wat should I do pls?
    My name was misspelled
    My graduation year was 2018 bt I saw 2020
    My state of origin is Ogun state but I saw Oyo state.
    Please sir what do u suggest I do regarding dis issues n errors?

    • Apply for correction on your NYSC dashboard during or after online registration

  9. Isaac


    My school has submitted the hard copy but the registration portal is still showing me….the detail provided by my institution are incorrect please what I do sir?

  10. Jonah jennifer


    Pls I already make payment and I wnt to print my green card but it is showing make payment, wat shud I do

  11. Suzana


    I am trying to thumb print since but is not going true am helpless now sir

  12. Isaac


    My name is not on graduation list…
    Please what should I do sir……

  13. Ruth James


    I tried to register but it kept showing ‘your school is yet to submit hard copy’can I proceed with the registration or wait till my school submit the hard copy list? Thanks

    • Wait till tomorrow or contact your institution to know the progress of the hard copy

  14. Popoola Oluwaseun Isaac


    sir,the there was an issue on my nysc thumbprint they used someone thumbprint and passport on my account what can i do

    • Popoola Oluwaseun Isaac


      how can i reset my thumbprint when they used offline thumbprint and they already submitted the offline application but they haven’t submitted the registration

    • Go to the NYSC state office in your state

  15. Gloria Anthony


    I have issue my jamb number was now written correctly the last alphabet instead of IH am seeing JH and my school is uploading the senete list will it affect my registration pls

    • Yes, it will affect. Ask your school to correct it before the uploading…

  16. Gerald


    When filling in for the institution details on the Nysc form the name of the institution and my course of study is not coming up thereby making it difficult to proceed to the next step what do I do?

    • Try it later, it is server problem

    • Prince


      My school hasn’t uploaded our senate list yet. Does this mean I will join stream 2 or will I still be in stream 1?

  17. Yusuf lekan


    After checking the Senate list,my name was misspelled Yusuff instead of Yusuf and also my graduation year is 2018 but i saw should I go abt it?

    • You can pply for correction of name on your dashboard, during or after online registration

      • Samel


        Somebody should help me out please….I can’t register on NYSC it keeps saying account not register EMAIL or GSM number might have been used, login or use a valid email address. I have been trying to login but it can’t and I’m trying to re-register with the same email address and phone number, it’s telling it has been used, login or create account. please help me out!!!

        • You can only login because you have created account before. However, if the problem persist, locate the nearest NYSC office in your state.

    • Ojelabi Simeon


      After I found my name on senate list, I proceeded to register but was unable. It says “you’re in stream 2, your school has not submitted hard copy” but my name is on the list already.

  18. Nana


    What if my date of birth is October 1990 is there any problem?

    • No, provided that you graduated before the age of 30

  19. Agbo Julius


    Why is the registration portal showing me this message after the confirmation of my gmail? No detail found. Please confirm that your details are correct. Ensure your school provide correct detail.

    • Contact your institution (Go to the Students’ Affairs) for complaint.

  20. Bisola


    Hi good afternoon, I am a foreign students, and I did my Registration yesterday, so the message on my dashboard says I have not been evaluated yet, is there something wrong with that?

  21. Ochuko


    Any ideal when the stream 2 will be going to camp?

    • We will make a post regarding that. Stay updated

  22. Oluwatosin


    Good evening, I was unable to upload passport it says background not off white and it is.please what should I do

    • The background of your passport should be off-white. Go and take another passport.

  23. Okpala samuel


    For camp registration, those from polytechnics, the ND result must it be the original or the statement is OK?

    • Go with the original, but if the original is not yet available in your school, go with the Statement.

  24. Gloria Stephen


    After registration my age was showing 1986 hence examption letter,but my documents is 1994 both waec and jamb and it is the actual age. What do I do

  25. Mustapha Zubaida Abdullahi


    Please I will like to know what one could do if his course of study hasn’t been updated?. I studied education biology and I cannot see my course when intended to register since last year. From Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto. Thank you

  26. Effiong Victoria edet


    Am a student in University of Calabar. still now Senate list is till show record no found. I went to my department have confirmed that my name was approved by Senate. But it is not showing in nysc portal. Pls what should I do.

    • Ask your school to upload their senate list and submit the hard copy of the list to NYSC office in Abuja.



    Please am still seeing no record found. I did premobilization with my school, but up till now am still seeing no record found. Delta State University

    • Kindly contact your school for Senate approved list. They are responsible.

  28. Yakubu I


    Verification slip given and printed the date written proceeded as a foreign student of Africa looking for exemption do I have to re-register again in batch A of 2020
    All documents were uploaded previously

    • Go to the NYSC Abuja headquarters to collate your exemption certificate if NYSC really exempted you.

  29. Nini


    Will they upload more names on Senate list before the closing date of online registration?

  30. Prayzido


    thank you for being a great assistance. Please, I’ll love to ask, since there’ll be stream 2,when is stream 2 likely to move to the orientation camp?

    • We will update you on that later. Stay with us on this website.

  31. Uroko


    Good day…Please am 30 this year….can I go for nysc

    • Yes, provided that you graduated before the age of 30.

  32. Israel


    Please I found out my documents isn’t complete yet.. Can I still meet up the registration process by next week Tuesday. Hope it won’t affect me going with this batch?

  33. Ezeigwe TOCHUKWU


    Are there multiple streams for batch A 2020

    • Not multiple. We have only Stream 1 & 2 for this Batch A.

  34. Omowunmi saheed


    Mine said no details found though have not seen my name on the senate list while I tried to register..I got a mail to complete reg but later got the message that no details.. So how do I reg when I found my name back on the senate list

    • You will register the same way you have tried. Contact your school if you want your details to be found.

  35. Chinkere Wisdom


    Please my school submitted the wrong class of degree to the Nysc portal. Do i still commence with registration??

  36. Mubarak salihu umar


    How can I uploads my affidavit and police report

  37. Olatundun Zainab Folakemi


    Afternoon… Please during registration the system is saying “account not Created. You may have used another Gmail or number”

  38. Faith


    Do I need to pay again or print another green card after revalidation?

    • You don’t need to pay again. But you need to print another green card.

  39. Amaife Calistus


    Mr Humphrey, rumour has it that all PCMs 2020 Batch A must come to camp with National Diploma Certificate, how true is this information?

    Can we go to Orientation camp with ND statement of result?

    • Not all but only Polytechnic graduates. However, if you don’t have original ND, go with the Statement.

  40. Ibrahim kimba ardo


    I have registered the nysc last time I’m already paid the money what about now if I want to register again I should paid the money again

    • Nooooooo, don’t pay the money again because you have paid before.

  41. Muhammed


    Pls d Nam on my credentials re Mohammed hassan tunde

    But d name on list was
    Hassan muhammed tunde

    Pls wat can I do an hope it won’t affect me

    • I can see the problem is the arrangement. It is not a big deal, you can apply for rearrangement during or after your online registration.

  42. San kunle


    Is there anything like error list because I was supposed to go with batch c but they said my name ante error list.
    Hope I can still go with this batch?

  43. Omowunmi saheed


    I tried to register but after I got a message on email to continue reg I says no details found. What if eventually later I found my name on the senate list what will I do next do I still need create another account or continue with the one I used earlier

    • Kindly continue with the account you created earlier

  44. Jebutu ifeoluwa


    I want to revalidate, the portal is still showing me the formal state and revalidation is not popping on the screen. What should I do

    • The problem could be from the NYSC server, keep trying.

  45. Hayatuddeen


    My date of birth is not the same with my result cos during my DE registration they change it to me

    And u have to go for stream two but NYSC didnt correct it for me how can i do now pls?

    • You will serve provided you are not more than 30 yes.

  46. Famuyiwa Emmanuel Olusola


    What happen if you want to register and the portal side your email has been used before and afterwards you can’t login and they said the account temporary unavailable or can’t get access to

  47. Ola


    How can I create a profile on nysc portal?

    • Scroll up to follow the link we dropped to teach you.

  48. Ali


    How can someone effect change of date of birth using waec? While initially registering, is it that prospective corp member will provide the date of birth on jamb first and then effect changes after establishing a dashboard or he/she will provide the one on waec during registration and do the same on the correction segment for validity?

    • You will provide the date of birth on WAEC. You don’t it even need to provide it yourself, with WAEC result check PIN, NYSC will import it to your dashboard by themselves.

  49. Goodluck


    How can I change my date of birth on nysc portal for excemption. I was mobilized 2019 batch C but could not go for camping

    • If the date of birth you used for WAEC is below 30, you can apply for change of date of birth on the NYSC Portal.

  50. Israel


    I was told my name is stream II when I tried to register this morning without my school uploading names , how true is it?

    • It is true, whatever you see on NYSC Portal is correct.

  51. Farida


    When I try to login it says invalid email or passcode

    • Reset your password or go to the NYSC state office in State you are right now.

  52. Niniola


    Is there still hope for people that are still seeing No record found on Senate list while registration is going on to go with batch A first stream

    • Yes, there is still big hope for them. Online Registration is still in progress.

  53. Timzy Kay


    How long does it take to get an email reply from NYSC after filling in your details in the first verification

    • You can get it immediately or after some minutes. Using Gmail will make it fast.

  54. Bello


    I think my school has not yet forwarded the senate list to NYSC. Anyway, I initiated the registration process and it said am in stream 2, and I was just told that my school will forward the list NYSC on Monday. What do I do, seeing that I don’t want to be in batch A stream 2.

    • Absolutely, nothing to do. You school caused the delay.

  55. Raymond shade


    What will happen to those that register without checking their name on the Senate list, what will happen to them

  56. Joy


    No senate list from my university till now. I’m tired o

    • First of all, try to know if you can register. If you cannot, then contact your Institution.

  57. Ismail Dauda Adeshola


    My name is yet to be uploaded on the Senate list, can I register?

    • Yes, if the system allows you. Go and try to see if you can register.

  58. Habib Mamman Abdullahi


    Pls is there going to be stream 1 and 2 for this batch A bcos I wanted to register but is showing me that our school has not submitted there hard copy and we are on stream 2.

  59. Eniayejuni Taiwo samuel


    how true is it.
    my school have not upload anyname yet on the senate list and I went ahead in creating a profile on Nysc portal, it displayed I’m in stream 2, rumour said when I have final seen my name on the Nysc senate list I will be shitted to stream 2

    • That is not true. NYSC has already marked institutions that will go with Stream 2.

      • Omowunmi saheed


        Please sir how do we know institutions going in stream 2

        • If you fall within Stream 2, NYSC will notify you during and after online registration.

  60. Nora


    Please do you think the fact that my School’s senate list is not still yet out is going to be a problem for my registration
    And please when do you think the Senate list is likely to come out

    • Contact your school for Senate approved list. If they say the have submitted to NYSC then go ahead to register online.

  61. Fakua Toyosi


    It is taking so long for my institution to upload the senate list. Can you do anything to make the school be fast about it?

    • Nothing we can do from our own end. Contact your institution for Senate approved list.

  62. Clementina


    I want register as married woman, I have almost all documents needed to scanned, but I don’t have utility bill can’t I be allowed

    • Please, try to get a utility bill, but if you cannot get utility bill go ahead to register with the documents you have at hand.

  63. Ibrahim


    Hello, My first name was used for my last name and vice versa…what do I do? Tnx.

    • You can apply for rearrangement of names during online registration.

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