How to be posted to Lagos for your NYSC – Secret Revealed

The secrets of how to be posted to Lagos for your NYSC has been revealed. Read on!

In our previous post, we revealed how to influence your NYSC posting to any State of your choice, but this may not work for all States especially Lagos because it is highly competitive.

How to be posted to Lagos for your NYSC

This post was created to show you how to make NYSC post you to Lagos State. So, if you wish to do your NYSC in Lagos, we got you covered.

There may be reasons you want to serve in Lagos state. Below are common reasons many people want to do there NYSC in Lagos State;

1. To be close to family and friends: A lot of people whose relatives live in Lagos may want to be close to their relatives. Staying close to relatives/friends make some people feel secured and have rest of mind.

2. Lagos popularity: Due to the popularity of Lagos, many people, especially those who have not visited the city before would want to have glimpse of the atmosphere.

3. Job opportunities: No doubt there is a lot of job opportunities in Lagos, so many people would want to take the advantage of NYSC to work in Lagos after their service year.

5. Exposure: In Lagos state, you will directly be exposed to undiluted real life in Nigeria.

6. State allowance: Lagos is one the highest paying States in Nigeria. Aside the N33,000 Federal allowance, Lagos State govt pays extra N15,000 to Corps members posted to the State. See, the current NYSC allowance for all States in Nigeria.

**Check out more other reasons many people want to serve in Lagos.

Now, here comes the main point!

How to be posted to Lagos for your NYSC

Below is how to influence your NYSC posting to Lagos State;

1. Register on time: Try to register the first day the NYSC online registration started.

2. Select Lagos: During NYSC online registration, you will be asked to choose 4 different states of your choice. Just make sure you select Lagos as either 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice. Note: You cannot choose one state twice, the 4 states must be different. See, how to choose 4 states of choice during NYSC online registration. Also, see 10 things to consider before choosing states of choice during NYSC registrationg.

3. Don’t pick Lagos as state you’ve visited: During online registration they will ask you to pick those states you visited before, DON’T pick Lagos even if you’ve visited it before.

4. Pray to God: There is nothing God cannot do, so always pray to God. He knows the best for you.

5. Use money to work your way: Once you have the required amount of money you will surely find you way to Lagos. Be careful, you are likely to be scammed if you choose this way. Many of them asking you to pay for direct posting are yahoo boys.

6. Health issues: Those who suffer from illness that require them to be closed to their Doctors in Lagos, need to upload medical report during registration. See how to get Medical report for NYSC registration.

7. Concessional deployment: Married women who are legitimately married will be posted to Lagos if their husbands live in Lagos. See registration requirements for married women for concessional posting.

8. Use your connection: Those who know person wey know another person can use their connection to get posted to Lagos.

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  1. hello my O level result name are olowokere akinbode George while my jamb result name are Akinbode George olowokere hope am good to go??

  2. Mulikat olajide

    Will they be 💯 percent assurance for me if I upload all my necessary documents as a married woman to be posted to Lagos?

  3. Does it mean that even if I get a recommendation or request from a company in Lagos, I may still not be posted to the company?

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