NYSC Orientation Camp Requirements & Preparation (2019)

– NYSC Orientation Camp Requirements & Preparation

I wish to congratulate all the Prospective Corps members who have completed final clearance in their Institutions of graduation; those who have seen their names on the NYSC graduation list; and those who have seen their names on the NYSC Senate list.

>>Check your name on the NYSC senate list

I want to humbly welcome you once again to this great platform where only confirmed information are being shared.

Many corps members contributed so greatly in the past toward building our great country; now that you’re about to answer the clarion call, I know you will do your best.

I hope you’ll do the right thing not minding what people say.

Do not give an listening ear to those who are trying to create the impression that NYSC is a scam. The National Youth Service Corps is never a scam. It’s a great opportunity given to every young Nigerian graduate to contribute in building a new Nigeria.

Remember that the quality of your service go long way in determining the shape that our country will take.

Please, serve Nigeria from the bottom of your heart – not minding what people say.

This article was written from experience I gathered when I was a Corps Member. I served in 2016 Batch ‘A’ Stream 1 in Abia state. I believe that this article will be of great help to you.

Information has always been the key to success. Those who have the right information at the right time always succeed.

The good news is that all the information you ever need about NYSC is on nyscinfo.com.

NYSC Orientation Camp Requirements

First, NYSC stands for; National Youth Service Corps [Corps is pronounced as ‘Core’, p & s are silent]. It is a compulsory one year service programme that every Nigerian youth who graduated from higher Institution owe to our country.

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Before you qualify to go for NYSC, you must possess a Bachelor Degree or HND from any accredited Institution within or outside Nigeria.

If you obtained your certificate from any Institution outside Nigeria, you would be refer as ‘Foreign trained’ graduate, while those who obtained their certificates from Institutions within Nigeria are refer as Home/Locally trained graduates.

NYSC programme is usually conducted three times in a year which comprises Batch A, B & C.

The NYSC Orientation Camp exercise last for the duration of 3 weeks (21days). The 21st day is the day that NYSC will discharge you from the orientation camp to  Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) where you will spend the rest of the months.

Once you see your name on the NYSC Senate list, make sure you do the following things

1. Buy your NYSC kit early to avoid last minute rush. The following kit will be given to you in camp: two white T-shirts, two shorts, a pair of tennis shoes, two pairs of white socks and NYSC 7 over 7, but you still need to buy extra; because the ones provided at the NYSC orientation camps are of poor qualities and over size.

2. Get the following documents ready:

a. Degree/HND Statement of Result or certificate.

b. Valid School ID Card

c. White background passport photograph (8 copies).

d. Call-Up Letter (Do not laminate it)

e. Green Card (Do not laminate it)

f. Marriage documents (for married women only)

g. All the uploaded documents (for foreign trained graduates only)

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See: Complete list of compulsory items required in the NYSC camp 

3. You need to buy a high capacity power bank to keep your phone fully charged.

4. Buy small rechargeable touch light. That’ll make your stay at the NYSC orientation camp smooth.

5. If you are posted to a far state, especially to the northern part of Nigeria, try and find friends, who may be heading towards the same direction. Two good heads are said to be better than one.

7. It is advisable to go camp the day before the date camp will open as going late will make the registration stressful and difficult.

Things To Expect at the NYSC Orientation Camp

As soon as you enter the NYSC orientation camp gate, you will see security people at the gate. Your screening starts right at the entrance gate. Don’t be afraid, just follow orders.

1. The security men at the gate will ask for your callup letter. After seeing it, they will thoroughly search your luggage as to make sure you do not enter with camp restricted items.

2. The first registration is usually for hostel or bed space. Security men at the entrance gate would give you identification tag. Do not misplace your tag as it would be required at the hostel or bed space registration point. After getting your hostel & backspace, other registrations will follow.

3. NYSC Kits/uniform: NYSC will provide all your kits during registration. To deter camp thieves from stealing your kits, use a permanent marker to write your name or ‘Code Number’ on each of them. Code Number would be given to you during registration phase at the NYSC orientation camp.

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4. Casual wears are not allowed at the NYSC orientation camp exception Sundays  on Sundays. So, once you get your kits, put them on immediately and run to the parade ground. The usual wears are White rounds neck T-shirt, white short, white socks, white canvas and cap.

The only time you will put the NYSC khaki uniform is during swearing in ceremony, Camp POP and other official ceremonies day.

5. Regimented camp life: The NYSC orientation camp is regimented. For example, if you are the type that usually wake up late, then you would have to adjust yourself because parade starts at 4:00am, so you need to wake up as early as 3:30am, so as to get prepared.

Once it is 4:00am, a bugle (trumpet) will sound, and soldiers will invade every hostel. If you are caught in hostel at that time, severe punishment would be given to you by the soldiers.

Praises and worship for different religions start around 4:30am after parade follows.

At 8:00am, morning parade will end, and you go for your breakfast. After taking your breakfast, SEAD lectures comes. After SEAD lectures, you go for lunch. After lunch, evening parade follows.

There are so many to add, but I’ll stop here for now. If you have any question or contribution, kindly use the comment section.

Above is the NYSC orientation camp requirements & Preparation, download NYSC anthem below

>>>Download NYSC Anthem 

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