Common N-Power NASIMS Problems and Solutions

Before you begin to panic over any issue encountered during N-Power NASIMS registration or test, kindly go through this article on common NASIMS N-Power issues and solutions.

Common N-Power NASIMS Problems and SolutionsBelow are some of the questions directed to solution/support page about the Job Creation and Empowerment Initiative of the Social Investment Programme of the Federal Government:

Problem: It keeps saying “Fill size exceed 200kb”.

Solution: Kindly resize your documents.  Download any of the photo resizing app from Google PlayStore; example litphoto or any other image cropping app, then use the app to resize your documents before uploading.

Problem: I’ve forgotten or don’t know what my NASIMS ID is.

Solution: Login to your NASIMS dashboard and copy your N-power Registration number that starts with NPWR/2020/…See How to Get NASIMS ID for N-Power Batch C Test.

Problem: I’ve successfully changed my password, and BVN validated as well. But, I can’t update my records because the Dubmit button is not responding.

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Solution: Ensure you have a strong network connection, as you keep trying.

Problem: I did not received the link after it said successfully sent.

Solution: Check your email Spam or Junk folder.

Problem: It says a link has been sent to my email but I have checked Spam folder and all but it is not there.

Solution: We ask that you remain patient as you keep checking, the delay could be caused by the network.

Problem: I sent an email to N-Power Support but it sent an error delivery message stating address not found. Please no link was sent to me.

Solution: The correct email address to send message is

Problem: My BVN cannot be validated.

Solution: Ensure that you are entering the corresponding details with that of your BVN used during previous registration.

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Problem: Hello, pls I am finding it difficult taking the test, it always say “please update your details from the self service portal”. Kindly help please and thank you.

Solution: Update your details on the NASIMS portal.

Problem: I try to reset my password but cannot proceed.

Solution: Kindly use the most recent link sent to you.

Problem: When clicking on the test link, it shows NASIMS ID, how can I get that?

Solution: This refers to your N-Power Volunteers Network (NPVN) number given upon registration. See how to get NASIMS ID

Problem: I applied for Npower last year (2020)… Is this supposed to be the selection process? I did apply for N-tech.

Solution: If you applied for N-power last year, you are required to visit NASIMS portal and update your profile.

Problem: The said email sent to my mail but not seeing anything.

Solution: Keep checking your email inbox and Spam folder as well.

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Problem: Please my people I need more clearity, my husband and I registered last year since than nothing show whether we are qualify or not also must I first be part of beneficiary before moving to the next step?

Solution: No, if you applied last year, you are required to visit the NASIMS portal to update your record.

For those that are unable to take the test …… Please go back to your test now and mind you when putting the N-Power details e.g (NPWR/2020/073364213), please don’t end it with dot (.) because it will always displays error. So, kindly remove the dot and proceed. If you are doing the copy and paste remove the dot but you can use dot or anything you feel like in your password. But don’t mistakenly copy the dot when writing the NPWR/2020.

Updated: March 16, 2021 — 10:56 am


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  1. I am unable to change my password so as to update my profile for N-power test but my account was not found and I was told it was because I refused to confirm my email address during N-power registration

  2. Muhammad Abubakar Usman

    Hello, I have a special problem which I didn’t how will i do,
    Please how can I change my email that I registered npower with it

  3. I am trying to update my account, if I type in my email address and press “send link”; they keep telling me Account not found, what do I do?

  4. I have updated my password, validatd my BVN, but after editing all my details and uploading all the necessary documents, the submit button isn’t responding… hence I can’t submit my details. please what’s the way forward…?


    Rukayya Mamman Tikau

    How do i check check my status and upload it?.




  7. Good day ladies and gentlemen, my problem is, account not found for over a week now.i have called different occasions they said they retified it but untill now it’s has not been retified.pls do something about it please.

  8. Mine is showing account not found what is the problem

  9. After updating my account successfully, I cannot take the test. Initially the link was not responding but now, it’s telling me that,”Not found in our records”. What should I do pls?

  10. Uguru uchenna Clifford

    Pls mistake was made on my email address during registration it was wrongly entered as instead of result of that am enable to make any update pls help out and get it corrected to enable me be able to benefit from this wonderful opportunity. Thanks

  11. i try to update my email but. the problem is said account not found

  12. Please I tried to update password, itd saying something went wrong. What do I do and yes I’m sure of the email I’m using

    1. Please mistake was made on my name name when registrations the name on my BVN was different form the one written on N power because of the it couldn’t Verify my BVN for update of Account number
      What can I do to solve this problem

  13. Pls my password reset is successful but can not validate my bvn. Always shown BVN validation failed or error, transaction failed, try again later. I need help, I need solution possess….. Or can take the test without validating my BVN?

  14. Can i use my android phone to apply for NASIMS Update, same as N-power Batch C Applicatioon?

    1. Yes, you can do it on your android phone. When you reach the stage where you update and add your Certificates you need to have them on your phone also to be able to add them on the the portal and each should be 200KB at most. The only issue now is we are unable to submit and update our account on the portal as the submit button is not working. We moove and keep trying until it works. Things don’t work out easily in Nigeria, you know…lol

      1. I thought I was the only one facing this issue of submit button not responding …. we will keep trying.. we mueeve

  15. Adinuso Emmanuel Chinonso

    Still unable to write the test.. What’s wrong? The test portal isn’t going through

  16. Uguru uchenna Clifford

    Pls there was mistake on my email address and I have being shortlisted how do I correct the email so I can partake in the test. The is

  17. Showing account not found.

  18. I lost my simcard and i cant access my gmail, how can i get link? Pls help

  19. Please I couldn’t not edit my profile even after validating my bvn

  20. Mien-ebi didekemien

    My email is not recognized, I have been trying to login but to no avail

  21. since on friday have been trying to take my test the page is not opening till now have tried constantly but on system and on fone, pls

  22. My time for the test was less than ten minutes what do I do.

  23. Please kindly help,I have done everything but I can not validate my keeps showing bvn validation fail several times.please what should I do?

  24. Unable to take test. The test site not going through. Refused to open

  25. Please let the gender button be enabled, I can’t go ahead with my update because of that.

  26. Have updated my data but the test has refused to open after series of attempt on my phone and laptop

  27. Gracious evening to everyone here.
    During the course of registration last year, error was made in writing date of birth and initial name was equally omitted. Please what can I do?

  28. Ogundele omolola sarah

    I was trying to update my NPOWER account but my email address was not found. Solution pls

  29. I can’t able to upload my bvn on my dashboard pls any solution to it

  30. Asuquo Queen Aniekan

    Please I’m trying to take a test and it says Validation for NPWR/2020/003112654 failed.
    What could that mean?

    1. Unable to take test. The test site not going through. Refused to open

      1. please i did the test wanted to restart, on doing so they block my account what can i do

        1. Have been finding it difficult to validate my bvn. What could be the problem?

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